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“Where did all the money go?”: Star Wars Fans Can’t Believe Disney Spent Twice the Money as Godzilla Minus One to Make Each Episode of The Acolyte
  • Your friends are morons. There are three episodes out and they're all pretty good so far but they story will have to pay off. It's not even possible to know if it's shit yet because the it's just getting started lol. Imagine going to see a movie, leaving after 30 minutes and then telling everyone how bad of a movie it was. You didn't see the movie idiot, why are you commenting on its quality?

  • "Genocide is good if an Anti-Imperialist Country(tm) is doing it!"
  • Win eventually? Lol. Russia already lost. Their 2 week battle plan to take over Ukraine and dissuade other countries from joining NATO has turned into a two year conflict that has caused multiple neighboring countries to submit NATO applications. The absolute best Russia can do at this point is get a bit of dirt.

    Their military has already been downgraded from a near peer to a peer at this point. It used to be The US, China and Russia. Now it's just The US and China. Their economy is in shambles and they've resorted to cooking the books to pretend it's not. Russia already lost.

    Think about this in the future when this war is over and you start claiming that it was a great victory for Daddy Putin because they end up being able to annex a few kilometers of unusable land.

  • Apple is bringing RCS to the iPhone in iOS 18 | The new standard will replace SMS as the default communication protocol between Android and iOS devices
  • Why do we all need to respond when that one user who did respond put you in your place and made it clear that you're just an angry moron yelling at the sky? Downvotes are exactly what's called for here. Piss off idiot. You're getting the exact amount of respect you deserve.

  • Why isn't jerking off more valorized as an easy dopamine hit that's also literally good for you?
  • Asks question about psychology and masturbation. Gets well thought out response with source material and excellent advice. Responds to said comment in a rude way.

    EveRYoNe is sO tRanSpHobiC!!

    Lol. No. Your response was shitty and had nothing to do with the topic or the incredibly well thought out and empathetic response that you received. That's why you're being downvoted. Your gender does not give you permission to treat others poorly and you're acting no better than actual transphobes.