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Support for legal abortion has risen since Supreme Court eliminated protections, AP-NORC poll finds
  • It's a handy thing for the right to stir up people over it as they don't give a shit about the baby or the mother. They're happy to implement it as it will get them votes with the only consequence of putting some women in medical danger. It's a no lose prospect for them.

    E: sorry should have said the political leaders of the right to differentiate from the cattle, i.e. right wing voters.

  • Trump threatens to cut off aid to Ukraine 'prior to taking the White House as president-elect'
  • It really should be easy enough to off this sack of shit. Actually it'd be hilarious if it was done in a real stupidly convoluted way to make it look as if it was some deep state type operation. Really rile up the cockroaches that support this pile of excrement so they can be stamped on.

  • Got no time to code
  • How do you know what's it supposed to do, if no one actually wrote that down, other than

    As a person.
    I would like it to work
    So i can do the things.

    To be fair, at least that's something...

    Or maybe for testing the documentation is the code. The code does this, write a test that accepts it does this.

    I like the concept of describing things in scenarios and having data objects embedded in the scenarios. I think gherkin if a bit too restrictive, the same way user stories are, but a more natural verbose scenario that was parameterised with variables tied to actual data makes it explicit what is supposed to happen and what data the system will consume, create or manipulate.

    E: there is of course other types of documentation available

  • Conservatives plan to bring back mandatory National Service
  • Yeah, I don't really like the idea of training everyone to be killing machines. But a national program to do all the other things associated with military training, such as fitness and basic survival training seems like a good thing.

    But arguably these are things that could be done in national education programmes anyway. The Tory scumbags are just trying to appeal to bloodthirsty gammons. They have no interest in actually making society a healthier and happier place, they are always only interested in wealth and power.

    Although, there may be a potential pragmatism in being prepared for shit kicking off with Putin. But it can't be forgotten that they have blame in that rise to power too, taking backhanders and advantage of the right wing populism campaigns Putin's been running for decades now.

  • Tune

    Fuck the bootlickers