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Apps that encourage/gamify walking?
  • I wouldn't mind generating some more discussion on Pokémon Go.
    The "drive somewhere" argument is valid (along with many other arguments that can be leveled against the game), and this is at its core a conversation about motivations, but I'm still using Pokemon Go to get out and walk places.
    I'm more likely to add onto existing walks if it means I can spin a couple more stops or put a mon in a gym.

    That said, it doesn't make me want to go for a walk if I'm not already out for a walk. So I guess it works as more of a "walk more" motivator for me personally.

  • Novelty Bloom County record

    This flat square of plastic doesn't sound so bad! It came in the Bloom County comic collection shown in the picture (Billy and the Boingers), and contains two tracks performed by a fictional in-universe band. It's probably not technically vinyl.


    I'm A Boinger

    My way of commemorating Day One