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Does anybody actually use trunk based development in their company?
  • I’ve been a fan of git-flow for a long time. It makes the master consistently stable and production ready, gives mechanisms for hotfixing, patching, releasing, tagging, and regular feature dev with a running develop branch. This tends to be more stable than Wild West commits into dev direct, since you work on a feature in isolation, and then merge the feature in when it’s ready, and keeps prod in its own lane so there’s no risk of a feature accidentally nuking something.

  • Party Cannon
  • I know this poster is old, but damn if it doesn’t make me laugh every single time. This is such a great joke, but also an absolutely brilliant marketing move- everyone gets a laugh for sure, and I guarantee anyone not already aware of the bands on the roster is going to remember exactly one band in particular over the others.

  • [Steam] Classic Marathon
  • Man this game was so amazing. Coming from wolfenstien and doom, it was a technological marvel. I remember being wowed by the fact that it had liquids, and vacuum, and maps that spanned multiple levels vertically. The map had moving parts, like elevators and collapsible staircases and stuff which was amazing. And then the whole plot- psychotic AI, alien invasion, exploring abandoned spaceships, etc.

    Then the sequels shipped with the map editor that let you put together whole scenarios yourself, it was crazy good. As a Mac user in the 90s, it was one of the only times my pc friends were game jelly- it was Mac only!

    Then bungie made two other amazing Mac-only franchises, Oni and another one you might have heard of, Halo. In classic Microsoft fashion, they bought the studio and fucked everything up and changed Halo from an amazing team based, story driven co-op alien invasion epic into an increasingly generic fps franchise to sell Xboxes and merch.

  • Cybertruck Breaks Down 35 Miles After Delivery, Tesla Says Coolant Leaks Not Covered
  • These fucking guys paying six figures for a dirty, broken, uncharged cybertruck. I mean seriously, they’re REALLY gargling Elons balls, this is insane. I wouldn’t take delivery of a fucking Corolla if it arrived like this, let alone a car the cost of a small house.

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