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Perpetually tired mental health counselor, sometimes retro game streamer, comedian, Mensan, coffee connoisseur, bacon lover, chronic pain survivor, nefarious pirate, and generally all-round nice dude...

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What the Democrats doubting Biden have in common
  • Hey, hey, hey...

    If I recall correctly, I think we both kinda liked it...

  • Barron Trump makes political debut at father’s rally: ‘You’re pretty popular’
  • Dude you literally made the original post about him becoming a piece of shit... Or did you forget?

    Also he's no minor. He's 18.

  • Hillary Clinton caught on tape asking the Ukrainians to find dirt on Donald Trump
  • Because people will believe it regardless of whether it's been confirmed or not and they have an agenda to push and money to make...

  • How’s the progress of (insert retro game title) going?
  • Took a break from Elden Ring and started playing Chrono Cross in ernest for the first time in over 20 years. I lent my original copy to my best friend and never got it back.

    I tried a couple times, but only ever got as far as Viper Manor. I'm almost up to Fort Dragonia now. Boned getting Leena at the start. Took the Save Kid Route. Just got Pip, Skelly, and NeoFio. Disappointed I took Guile instead of Glenn... For a character that's supposed to be Magus, you'd think he'd be decent at anything, but holy crap... He's just bad...

  • CNN hosts told they're "complicit" in Trump re-election in live interview
  • The man has continuously been given visibility and a platform for the past 4 years to whine and carry on about a stolen election that wasn't and the failings of America that aren't. Ask yourself, was the same thing done for Obama? Bush? Clinton? Bush Sr.? Certainly not... What about Romney? Perot? McCain? Hillary? Gore? Dole? Why not?

    Why is this fellonious, mutant Cheeto still being given a voice and opportunity to continue to influence American history? Whether it's for ratings or for some ulterior agenda, we'll probably never know. Shame on all of them, either way. I'm sure it all comes down to money, but whatever it is, it's disgusting...

  • Don't.
  • Oh come on...

    You can't hang an awesome horn up like that and not expect everyone not to honk it...

    That's like putting out a bell and telling people they can't ring it!

  • RFK Jr. denies eating a dog while sidestepping sexual assault allegations in Vanity Fair article | CNN Politics
  • Saying "I had a rambunctious childhood" and "I've got so many skeletons in my closet" like it absolves him from anything...

    "Yeah, I strangled that hooker while high on coke and while getting blown by that other hooker. So what? Why are you surprised? I told you I had a rambunctious childhood!"

  • Hey remember when you did that
  • Shut up, brain! When we were 9, you didn't even know what cringe was!

  • Street Fighter Movie Finally Has A Solid Release Date | Retro Dodo
  • That's the cover art for SF6.

    Everything else, totally valid concerns.

    Have to see what the casting is going to be like.

  • Poor Sega just didn't get the timing right.
  • Absolutely, getting a PS2 was a game changer for me. DVD playback AND backward compatability. You had PS2, PSX, CD, and DVD all in one. I dumped my VCR shortly after getting it and mothballed my PSX. My 5 disc stereo collected dust until I sold it. Rigged it to my 5.1 speaker system to run on the same line as my computer. Between the PS2 and a properly equipped gaming PC, my bedroom was practically a movie theater, albeit with a tiny ass 22" crt.

  • 'I am absolutely voting for Donald Trump': Undecided voters react to Biden's debate performance
  • Then they need to state it, because the only data they've given is that they asked a group of 13 people, one group, which is still not an adequate sample. Period.

    That, right there, is why focus groups shouldn't be used for this to generalize a larger population, because the data is being misinterpreted to sell a biased story! Probability would be estimated if they actually conducted a full study. Which they clearly didn't.

    And you can't use previously gathered data from battleground states to estimate results after an event. They're snapshots of an opinion at that given time. You can't use them for an event that occurred after the fact. Again, that's unethical and inappropriate.

  • 'I am absolutely voting for Donald Trump': Undecided voters react to Biden's debate performance
  • Oh no, I very much do. I have a degree in psychology that requires being able to do statistical analysis for research.

    You use a focus group to elicit qualitative, not quantitative, info from a targeted group in a study, not as the study itself. The issue is, it's not meant for broad populations or for quantitative studies. Even then, the data is easily skewed by biases from the group themselves, the moderator, and the interpreter and shouldn't be the only thing used.

    Focus groups are meant for things like quality indicators, where you use a range of them in general analysis, which can help to triangulate where an issue is.

    To properly employ a focus group, you would first need to poll an appropriate sample size of undecided voters then you target demographics within the sample to gain insight into why they answered their poll as they did.

  • 'I am absolutely voting for Donald Trump': Undecided voters react to Biden's debate performance
  • You don't publish initial results without a significant population sample. 13 people is an abysmal sample size. You need around 10% of a population polled up until about 1,000 people because of the way the curve levels out. 100 people minimum to get something remotely confident. The confidence level of this poll is so low that the publishing of it is irresponsible and unethical.

    To your argument about the other poll having only 8, that's also irresponsible. Both articles are clearly jumping to conclusions in an effort to grab views. However, that it received a more positive response is clearly indicative of the way the lemmy population leans. That's really about all you can grab from that... Well, that and people have no idea how statistical averaging works.

  • Poor Sega just didn't get the timing right.
  • They're actually all considered 6th gen consoles. There's only a 3 year gap between the Dreamcast and the Xbox.

    Dreamcast was 98

    PS2 was 2000

    GameCube and Xbox were both 01, the year Dreamcast was discontinued.

    Dreamcast could have been a wild success, probably would have been, too. The major issue was that the Playstation was still totally dominating the market. 98 and 99 were both ridiculously strong years for PSX title releases. Then the PS2 released and totally overshadowed it. Sega just couldn't keep up... Nobody could. Not until the market kinda leveled out in 05-06.

  • Checkmate Valve
  • I look forward to the day when I pass my screen name on to my son...

  • hardcore youtubers where chosen for this
  • It's like something you'd expect to see out of Saw...

    I want to play a game...

    No really...

  • Beans in jeans!

    Because he's too cute to leave in a comment thread!


    I swear to god she's alive

    Dogsitting for my wife's uncle for a week. I come home and l she's like this on the bed, staring off into nothingness like she's trying to solve the world's problems.


    Libby Download the Libby App: ebooks & audiobooks FREE from your library

    Bring the library to you! Free digital books, magazines and more! Available for iOS and Android devices.

    Download the Libby App: ebooks & audiobooks FREE from your library

    Don't know how many folks have heard about Libby, but I've used it for a couple years now.

    Libby let's you browse your local library's digital catalogue, including all of their audio books. Books can be borrowed for up to 3 weeks, with the option to extend it a sling as there's no one waiting for it. Works on Apple, Android, and in your browser. Best of all, it's all free! I dumped Audible for it and haven't looked back.

    New Jersey Capt. Wolf

    Obligatory Lantern Fly thread

    Holy crap, they're the worst I've ever seen them this year. Fucking nymphs are all over my patio, the house, the car...

    For every one I kill, I find 4 more. Also, I don't remember them jumping like fleas!