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What opinions do you have that you consider (shallow && pedantic)?
  • I didn't say your statement was pedantic. Just that you specifically called out your use of literally as not used in a figurative sense and that this thread in general is about pedantry. Those two things together made it seem not totally insufferable to point out that literal was actually being applied to figurative language.

  • What opinions do you have that you consider (shallow && pedantic)?
  • Just because you called it out and this is a thread about pedantry: road rage is an idiomatic phrase, which is a type of figurative language. So, you were using literally to emphasize figurative language rather than try to clarify you weren't using the idiomatic meaning of the phrase but rather a literal.

  • The Bigger The Theft, The Lighter The Sentence?
  • They covered him not expecting 15 years.

    He was likely looking for a few days to a few weeks of three squares and a cot.

    I don't think anyone expects 15 years over an unarmed robbery of $100 because it's completely disproportionate.

  • What opinions do you have that you consider (shallow && pedantic)?
  • People who think anyone uses literally to mean figuratively are annoying and too caught up in their crusade to realize their take is idiotic. No one uses it to mean figuratively. People use it to emphasize regardless of the figurative nature of language. It's semantic drift that happens to most words that mean something similar to "in actuality" (e.g. really, actually). Even in other languages.

  • You're Being Lied To. The EV Market Hasn't 'Stalled'
  • I don't think people trust used EVs yet. The battery replacement is a scary looming question with them.

    And if a car has an electric version and an ICE version, the electric version is much more expensive. And that's what a lot of people are seeing and noping out of. Especially when they're looking at car prices in general and feeling like they're being ripped off.

  • 32 percent of Americans believe a military regime or authoritarian leader would be a good way of governing the country.
  • I wonder if it's something like 25% of survey respondents are just picking the most outrageous thing and 5% actually believe that way. I remember a while ago on a survey about being ok with political violence, they tried to control for that kind of thing and it dropped the numbers a lot.

  • Redstoner be like
  • If it's still the equivalent of gate level, even if those gates are expressed with words rather than placing each block, it's still a slog. To get beyond gate-level, I think you'd need to write your own HDL and/or synthesis tool for minecraft redstone, which seems even deeper than what most people developing real digital logic do.

    Like, I just write verilog and synopsys handles it well enough for my physical design team to have a good starting point.

  • Redstoner be like
  • They show how to make a NAND, NOR, and XOR gate. And all you really need for functional completeness is the NAND.

    This just doesn't have the semi-analog stuff like DRAM.

    But if I had to do my digital design at the gate level for anything more than like an adder, I'd be pretty over it pretty quickly.