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Cows milk is for their babies, and it should never be consumed by human.
  • Point given. Or at least half a point… The problem I have with animal testing is, that for (...)

    I've not been keeping up with it either. I'm all for avoiding animal testing when it's not needed. I'm just not against it on principle.

    Animals in testing facilities are treated like shit their whole life, just because it is “cheaper” that way.

    I mean that sounds horrid at first, but it's a valid point. I'm not quite sure what the alternative methods you mentionred are, but something like a complex computer model is probably much more expensive and slower then just testing on mice. And it could help getting a procedure or drug to people faster and cheaper.

    So, if I would keep some cute, fluffy dogs or cats at my place just so that I can kill them tomorrow and eat them - maybe even sell their meat - would that be still be OK for you?

    Again, I won't object on principle. I know someone that tried dog and it's apprarently not that good. Also I think you can somewhat legally eat dog where I live. Like you can't trade the meat, but slaughtering and eating are fine, so you kind of have to find a farmer that will invite you to dinner. But not really something I'm interested in.

    I'd have much more objections to people eating rare, wild animals, like whales. Cats and dogs are domesticated animals, so we're not going to run out of them.

  • What software you consider so bad it made you happy when you left your job?
  • When our company annoucned the switch to Teams I actually offered to pay for the slack licence out of my own pocket instead. But the boss insisted we need the onedrive integration or some shit and declined.

  • it's better to piss in the sink than to sink in the piss
  • Ha, there is no "spinkpissers" community on lemmy, yet. Yes, that was a real sub on reddit ... thanks for reminding me.

    Though It actually makes sense from a purely water saving point of view I guess? Especially if you don't have a toilet with different flush settings.

  • Cows milk is for their babies, and it should never be consumed by human.
  • Well, that's an extremly complex questions and there are many cases to consider and personal opinion on these can vary a lot.

    For example one of the least limited cases should be animal testing for medical purposes. There should still be limits, but they have to be carefully decided by weighing the potential benefits against the suffering caused.

    Another prominented case would be factory farming. I think that's quite bad and also makes for a poorer end product. But I don't think there is anything fundamentally wrong with keeping livestock for eating it. But the details of how regulation should work exactly are again quite complex and beyond the scope of a lemmy comment.

  • Analysis by Johnny 2 Cellos


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