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misery mansion
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The Red Bull junior ‘making a strong case’ for a 2025 seat
  • I do hope Hadjar makes it because he is going to be a Marmite figure for sure. He SCREAMS down the radio but is already much mellower this year compared to last

    Lawson not getting a seat still baffles me when he proved he can do the job. If I was Fittipaldi say I would be wondering if there was much point being in the programme

  • RJ lives!

    NGL I assumed something had happened, and it kinda did, but this was an extremely welcome sight

    Which bike? Salsa Warbird CF vs Canyon Grail CF SL 7?
  • Idk man that canyon looks a bit unusual. Unless I'm missing something on the pictures, I don't vibe that double handlebar thing going on. The salsa looks like the more understandable bike but I think they're both pricy.

    What kind of riding are you planning to do on it?

  • How do we replace YouTube?
  • There are two YouTubes. One is the "creator" YouTube, algorithms, numbers blah blah

    The other is the actual content creator YouTube. These are the channels that people actually follow. If captain disillusion set up his own RSS feed for videos, and I had the method to subscribe to it, I'd no longer need YouTube

    The argument that YouTube has the algorithm and recommendations etc is moot, that's the same job that every network does, you could absolutely replace this

    The video content would have to be self hosted probably. How it used to be. So we need all these tools to eat YouTube's lunch

  • Tour de France 2024 Stage 2
  • Great to see the breakaway paying off. The heat and climbing having a big impact today. Really enjoyed the stage highlights and kudos to Bardet for hanging in there.. Vingegaard honestly seemed up for it today so we live in hope. Crucially he still had domestiques today which was a feature last year for Pogi IIRC

  • Sadiq Khan wins Sadiq Khan elected London mayor for third term in further boost for Labour

    Labour incumbent beat Tory candidate Susan Hall, despite inaccurate claims by ‘excited Tories’ that she could win

    Sadiq Khan elected London mayor for third term in further boost for Labour

    The cycleway from Greenwich to London Bridge is now fully open!

    I just found this out today by cycling it. You can now shoot straight through the section at Surrey Quays/Southwark Park making this route extremely quick and largely safe.

    I don't like the crossover at Surrey Quays station OR that weird side road dip just before the McDonalds but all things considered this is a great route.

    Apologies if this is off topic, I CBA to make London cycling


    Oh, man, don't say that..


    Uh, dude?

    I don't know about you, but I take comfort in that


    Tomorrow is already the tenth



    Dude, uh, tomorrow is already the tenth

    Let's NOT forget, Dude


    Is that what day it is?

    I'll be there man


    Shadow of the Demon Lord - Bundle of Holding Shadow of the Demon Lord Bundle

    Hero! Through unholy rites we've resurrected (for a fourth time!) our May 2017 Shadow of the Demon Lord Bundle featuring Shadow of the Demon Lord, Robert J. Schwalb's tabletop fantasy roleplaying game of grim heroism against a cosmic destroyer. This revival promotes the imminent launch of Rob Schwal...

    Shadow of the Demon Lord Bundle

    Just announced is a re-up of Bundle of Holding's Shadow of the Demon Lord pack!


    Any Glass Cannon fans? Impossible Landscapes S2

    Their second season of Impossible Landscapes just started, the previous season was some of the best content they have ever put out

    F1 Feeder Series misery mansion

    F2 - British Grand Prix - Feature race


    Far out

    F1 Feeder Series misery mansion

    F2 - British Grand Prix - Sprint

    The battle between Bearman and Doohan was amazing! F2, in the wet, corner after corner wheel to wheel, no crash

    I couldn't believe it

    Should Bearman have gotten a penalty for forcing Doohan off?


    Who is up for talking about Haunted City?

    There is no glass cannon on Lemmy yet I don't think

    I wasn't ready for Haunted City to start back up again but I'm so happy it has. The cast have lost nothing in the break and I really want to see Josephine and Ross' film!

    F1 Feeder Series misery mansion

    Formula 2 Feature - Spielberg Austria discussion


    That was an amazing race. I thought for sure Vesti had it locked down. Thus is shaping up to be a classic season.

    I'm still rooting for Iwasa!


    And proud we are of all of them Kenya to launch biggest school meals programme in Africa

    Starting in Nairobi, the initiative aims to provide daily lunches for 4 million primary school children and to ‘eliminate the shame of hunger’


    And then. . . let's see, I uh - music business, briefly Glastonbury Festival officially starts as Emily Eavis opens gates

    Co-organiser Emily Eavis opens the gates to thousands of people ready for a long weekend of music.

    Roadie for Metallica. Buncha assholes