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Some questions about yt-dlp
  • For selecting durations, you can use this --download-sections REGEX

    Download only chapters that match the regular expression. A "*" prefix denotes time-range instead of chapter. Negative timestamps are calculated from the end. "*from-url" can be used to download between the "start_time" and "end_time" extracted from the URL. Needs ffmpeg. This option can be used multiple times to download multiple sections, e.g. --download-sections "*10:15-inf" --download-sections "intro"

    As for the thumbnails, usually, when I download a Youtube Music album thumbnail, it is already squared. Before that, I used to use a specific hack, but I don't remember how I did it anymore. Check this discussion, it may help:

  • Real-Time Strategy is incredible and you should play it
  • I think people really enjoy the base building aspect, like all of my friends treated building bases on some level as being like Sim City.

    Actually true
    When I first tried out StarCraft as a kid, I didn't even care about all that battle thing; I just liked seeing buildings go up

  • Hakka on the taste of seafood
  • While I've never had the exact same experience, I do somewhat understand what he's talking about.

    Sometimes I detect this particular metallic smell out of nowhere; this seems to happen randomly, but I believe that it mostly happens when I either get strong headaches/migraines or I physically strain my body in some way. Other times I get a weird taste/smell that reminds me of old oil or something.

    While I don't eat a lot of seafood, I can imagine some of it having those tastes or smells to it


    ATTENTION::'mindspike logging active'

    I would've written something about what this browser game is about, but imo it's best experienced blind