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  • I'm sure your conclusions were ignored. But not because of your gender, it's because they didn't like what you had to say. Buddy, I've seen it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears. As "one of the boys" men feel comfortable telling me things like "I'll never let a girl fly on my endorsement" ( this person being a flight instructor). And "Is there a different mechanic I can talk to?" Before she even gave him a diagnosis. Or flat out ignoring a really good suggestion in a meeting at a brand new school I worked at. Only to have a male colleague suggest the same thing an hour later to praise and action. Shit's fucked.

  • Armed to deter cops
  • It does. Armed peaceful protesters don't get hassled by the police. These are armed peaceful protesters and they were not hassled. It worked for the black panthers. Cops only brutalize the weak.

  • After Initial Success, Helldiver’s 2 Has Lost 90% Of Its Players With No Signs Of Recovery
  • There Will be a bump when the release the new faction and the mystery 4th faction. But as someone with everything maxed out I just drop in twice or thrice a week now. Just nothing to aim for. Some kind of prestige system could be good.