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Does the popularity of modern super hero movies mean that we get less fun Sci-Fi movies?
  • I enjoyed it for what it was and was sad to see almost everyone disliked it that talked about it.

  • Choose your items
  • The moment I saw the spice rack I knew I could just find the most useful/valuable spices and get as much of those as possible.

    Everything else runs out pretty much instantly or isn't useful ever.

  • Unlimited power!
  • Network Engineer > Network Architect > Network King

    Legend says he can identify the usable IP range before witnessing the subnet mask.

  • Don't mind me, just posting a picture of Patrick Stewart AKA the man who portrayed Jean-Luc Picard
  • I thought the Captcha for account creation was DS9 trivia, huh.

  • You don't have to sell me on it, Annie
  • Ah yes, those notorious underage groomers.

  • What if life is a roguelike game ?
  • I read a short story once that made me think about something similar, that everytime we die our consciousness shifts to the multiverse where we didn't make whatever choice lead to it. To everyone in that initial universe you'd still be dead but you'd continue on somewhere else.

  • Hard to understand with that mask (not OC)
  • "I'm sorry, my lord. It appears we were only able to jerk off Han Solo and this one snowspeeder metal fabrication tech."

  • Start our what now?
  • Mind your own pusiness.

  • Game workers forced back to office oppose “reckless decision” from Rockstar
  • I'm sure you can install an HP anywhere concentrator and remote into the machines from home, networking has solutions for things like this.

  • anybody else getting tired of all these jitposts?
  • AI bad, updoots to the left.

  • So far left you get your guns back.
  • In your part of the world there's no cops, no one owns firearms, and there's just no crime?

  • So far left you get your guns back.
  • Absolutely not, I'm all for defunding the police but if your idea of a peaceful country doesn't involve someone owning and being willing to defend themselves with firearms you're just living in a fantasy where crime just magically doesn't exist.

  • When data training goes wrong
  • Three notifications on the hour and one five minutes ago, sounds like he's a two pump chump and on round 2.

  • Next-gen optical disk can store over 14,000 4k movies
  • It finally hit the corner straight on.

  • What is your favourite StarWars movie?
  • I'd watch AotC a dozen times back to back before watching TLJ again.

  • Next-gen optical disk can store over 14,000 4k movies
  • I could see them being archival backups for TV broadcast, quite a few are still using tapes for long term archive.

  • Bitcoin miners win legal battle to keep mum about energy use [US]
  • Damn, if you'd actually watched the video you'd know he spends about 40 minutes covering the issues with crypto as it's crucial to understanding NFTs.

    Nice try, though.

  • Bitcoin miners win legal battle to keep mum about energy use [US]
  • A fraction of what it takes for thousands of machines to perform rework of the same problem.

    This isn't the good argument you think it is.

  • South Korean companies are offering workers $75,000 to have babies amid the country's desperate bid for more children
  • Idk about Korea but here it's mostly because you can't afford to. I could barely support myself and someone else (most of that cost would be rent which wouldnt even change, either) before bringing children (whole bunch of new costs) into the mix.

    I work a skilled job with half a decade of experience, and am in the correct salary range for the area, as well.

  • I have Urz, but at what cost?


    Who needs the Alarei anyways...


    Socially Awkward Shepard


    Gotta be nice to the future skynet


    Next time I'm going to get Jack first.


    He's like a little marble pound cake 😭


    I'm still taking Kaiden instead


    Choke points and singularities are a match made in heaven.


    " Back in my day-"


    Next round is on me, chooms.


    Alright who's in charge here, now?


    Her career skyrocketed tbh


    Seriously?! That close...


    Starfield, is it getting review bombed?

    Seems kind of like the game is just suffering from reactionaries, but I definitely don't put that much stock in critic reviews these days either.


    ME3 GigaChad Shepard vs ME3LE Soyjack Shepard

    Would it really have been that hard to remove the trigger for the email in the LE, Bioware? Really?

    Listen, I'm sure it can be modded out by now, but this is my headcanon.


    It's like... my whole thing, man.


    On Aratoht you learn the value of the Sentinel, what class do you like to play best? Do you prefer one for a full trilogy run versus a one off game?

    Personally I like the Sentinel in 2/3 the best but in 1 they don't really have the specific niche purpose that they seem to in the sequels, since all dual classes just get half of the powers from each.

    ME1 I just go full Engineer and select AR training.

    It's always AR training.


    Until there's a community for Enterprise Networking you have to suffer my meme.


    Same mistake, now for $70 US!


    Alright, they're not all difficult.