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Microsoft to test “new features and more” for aging, stubbornly popular Windows 10
  • and yes, I know they are both based off Linux.

    maybe pedantic, but macos is actually bsd based. chromeos being based off of actual linux(gentoo) is what has allowed them to slowly open it up to the point where you can actually install regular linux apps on it

  • A cool guide to japanese gastronomy prefixes and suffixes.
  • mandarin is both written and spoken, what you refer to as "simplified chinese" is mandarin written with simplified characters. there are many chinese languages each with their own written forms, but across china it is standard to write in mandarin despite many not speaking it, causing your confusion

  • How to make sure drivers will give way
  • I mean, if it works it works, but I think it would be less effective if a lot of people did it. “Oh, I’ve seen this one, he never actually throws the brick.”

    seems easily solved by having at least some people actually throw it when called for