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Biden supporters mostly back him in 2024 election because they oppose Trump, poll finds
  • Yeah it sucks I have to vote for Biden because that conservative doctrine sounds scary as all hell, and Trump is a felon. I'm looking for a president that at the very least pretends to care about the environment, and that is not Trump who is an oil company stooge.

  • EVs Could Last Nearly Forever—If Car Companies Let Them
  • This is why I want an Onvo with battery swap over a Tesla.. Everyone makes fun of me for it, but nobody realizes that if you swap the battery about once a year, then you're able to preserve the life of your vehicle.

  • Conservatism is Brain Damage
  • I like the idea of conservatism, but not the way it is executed.. Like why aren't these people for conservation of the environment, or actually financially conservative? All I'm noticing is greed, and corporate corruption.

  • Congestion pricing in New York City indefinitely postponed
  • This is just dumb.. Might as well just outlaw cars in Manhattan so the city can build housing. There is absolutely no advantage to having a car in NYC.. you drive 15mph, and have to stop 10 minutes every block

  • how are some people able to fall asleep anywheres?

    I see people sleeping on concrete, in cramped plane seats etc How do y'all do it?


    How come hotel check-in time is always 3-4?

    I got in on an earlier flight, and arrived at 6 it was a pain in the ass.. I literally had to walk around for like 4 hours until things opened, and I was so tired and weary all day.


    Any updates? App no longer works.

    I was fine with the app as it was, but it appears now there needs to be a small fix


    Facebook astro turf shilling for the plastics and petrochemical industry nothing to see here.

    The sad thing is that people have fallen for this obvious BS. The bill in question is for a reduction in packaging, and corporate responsibility for a reduction in plastic waste.


    Is the pixel 3a capable of eSIM?

    I was just wondering on this.. My Spectrum service is going to expire in a few months, and I wanted to switch to a data eSIM accompanied by TextNow