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Disaster is nearing. Mass displacement. Mass starvation. Mass death. It is all imminent. Do you understand?
  • A house in a remote location is insanely naïve. Rambo isn't real life, if you want a snowball's chance in hell of making it in that kind of a scenario you need to have group support. When the sea people came you didn't want to be in major metros on the coast, but you also didn't want to the the guy alone who became the lonely corpse in the countryside. There's a happy medium where you have the best chances of survival. This is just delusional apocalypse porn.

  • Muslim nurse in New York fired after calling Israel's war in Gaza 'genocide'
  • A lot of people miss that NY is a liberal state, but in the sort of "commercial liberal" way. It's basically the embodiment of old school moderate liberalism. I'm obviously simplifying, but NY is Democratic, but not necessarily progressive.

  • A Dying Empire Lead by Terrible People
  • Absolutely vote Democrat, but we can do that while voicing criticism of the Democrats failing to make sufficient adaptations to important issues. Admittedly that's more important during primary time, but being critical while still intending to vote Democrat can be a useful way to continue to push the Democratic candidate in more progressive directions beyond the primaries.

    So yes, vote Democrat this November and absolutely do not vote Trump or third party. But that doesn't mean that every criticism of the GOP Lite ™️ is foreign propaganda or in bad faith. Let's be careful without falling into a siege mentality like the right.

  • Potential meme format
  • I had a comment removed for using a racial slur because I called them tankies lol. Poor little snowflakes. Fwiw I'm literally a socialist, I just don't support authoritarianism and genocide and blatant human rights abuses.

  • A cool guide to styles of beer
  • Eh, I totally understand where you're coming from, but I also think that a lot of those up and comers try their hand at hazy IPAs. They might not always be the most polished, but I do appreciate that these new breweries rely more on bold flavor rather than clarified appearance, you know?

  • Sovcit wants to introduce his administrative process forms.
  • I thought he meant Administrative Law Judge, and I was wondering where an ALJ would handle a traffic issue lol. I thought maybe if it was serious enough some jurisdictions would use ALJs for some traffic related regulatory infractions?

  • Sad, but rule
  • Oh I completely agree with you, I'm a more libertarian kind of socialist myself so I definitely don't think liberalism is the answer. I also think that's is disingenuous, and really discrediting to leftists as a whole, when people try to say that the GOP is liberal. They're definitely not; on almost any social issue they are firmly opposed to the liberal position on civil rights, freedom of association, etc etc.

  • Broward's better baby!

    Thanks for making this community, look forward to hanging out here with you all.

    3d6 butwhyishischinabook

    Happy to see the ember of r/3d6 carried here

    Sad to see reddit effectively die, but a big thank you to everyone who set this community up so that the party can keep rolling! (Budum, ting)


    Goodbye RIF, it was a great dozen years

    Well, it all ended so suddenly, mid scroll through the comments. After a dozen long years RIF, and for me reddit along with it, is finally dead. Thanks for all the entertainment RIF team, sincerely.