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Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition launches June 25 for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC
  • I don't have much hope for that really. As I said, BG&E never was a commercial success, and republishing it twice doesn't seem to have changed much.

    I am pretty sure they went for something completely different at E3 because they knew that fans of the first game were already not a lot, and part would have already moved on. They were not going to continue a story like 15 years had not happened in between episodes.

    And now, we're 20 years later...

  • Indie games using retro graphics
  • I did see a few low-poly, very PS1 or N64-looking indies recently, even going as far as mimicking the weird texture wobbling from the PS1.

    But Penny's big breakaway is not really low-poly, or something that looks like 5th gen/PS1. Not graphically anyway.

    Though it's mechanically rather retro, with the focus on move combos, scoring and speedrunning. It's almost more of a linear kind of skate or jet set radio-like game than a platformer.

  • Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition launches June 25 for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC
  • Oo boy, no they didn't.

    Beyond Good and Evil is a nice game, made by Michel Ancel's team (the original guy behind Rayman and much later fucking Rabbids at Ubisoft) around 2003 for 6th gen. It's a quite decent sort of Zelda-esque action/exploration game with good characters, humour, a bit of short alternate gameplay phases like stealth, boat races, etc.

    It's a bit short, but the time it lasts is very enjoyable. And then first problem, it doesn't really end. It needs a sequel, badly. And unfortunately the game doesn't seem to have been a huge success commercially.

    So a small group of dedicated fans waits for a sequel announcement, that doesn't come for a long time. After a couple years, a video trailer "leaks" randomly showing the two protagonists on a... road trip? Maybe? And basically nothing else. It's enough to get people excited though.

    Mostly radio silence for a looong time, fast forward to E3 2017, and big announcement at E3 on Ubisoft's stage with Michel Ancel and company. No, we didn't abandon the BG&E 2 project. Except now it's sort of a procedural, planet-wide multiplayer oriented game. A prequel too, with different characters. Also we're making a weird collaborative contest thing where you people submit art to us and we're including it into the game.

    It was awkward. It looked nothing like the first game was, and it wasn't a sequel. Fans of the first game are like, where are my tiny but carefully crafted world and Zelda-like dungeons? When will we finally know what happens to the guys whose story we began 15 years before? Why is this turning into "generic Ubisoft game #47"?

    None of that mattered, since we're in 2024 and that game still doesn't exist.

    So yeah, fond memories for the OG, but mostly a huge disappointment.

  • I just ordered a 3ds from AliExpress - Wish me luck.
  • To be fair, Nintendo 3DS shells aren't exactly very high quality either.

    I have an original Majora n3DS XL. After a few months, the golden paint started disappearing around the borders, where my palm/fingers would rest.

    To their credit, I could get a free replacement shell (with the right colour and pattern) from customer service when I asked about it. But after this I just resorted to using a clear rubber outer case to keep the paint from rubbing off again.

  • Metroid Prime 4: Beyond – Announcement Trailer
  • I have a personal beef with that game :)

    I am sure there are people with good memories of it as an arena shooter, but I had little interest in that. And as a Metroid, it sucked (...sorry)

    I remember trying the First Hunt demo, that was a demo cartridge from the beginning of the DS and was supposed to be a short teaser for what Hunters would be. Back then I thought, yeah, with a game around it, it could be great.

    Turns out the actual Hunters was absolutely nothing like that, and focused only on multiplayer. The only reason they tacked a half-assed single-player mode on it is so it could be sold to people who wanted an actual Metroid game. I'd respect the game more if they didn't try to sell it as more than it really was.

  • Metroid Prime 4: Beyond – Announcement Trailer
  • The reveal wasn't a complete surprise though.

    It was hinted that guy would return in MP3's ending, and apparently in Federation Force too (I haven't played that one, but of course the reveal has been floating around).

    Sure, it was still kind of hidden, but for those who recognized him at all, chances are they'd knew that too.

    The trailer certainly failed at making his apparition exciting in any case.

  • Metroid Prime 4: Beyond – Announcement Trailer
  • It failed completely at being a Metroid game. It's obvious the single-player "story" was just hastily hacked together from the multiplayer mode.

    Maps were linear, without any kind of secrets or exploration. They were mostly boring corridors between multiplayer arenas for fights against bots.

    The only abilities were different coloured guns, and while the MP trilogy gives the four beams specific properties to interact with the environment, I can't remember what most Hunters guns were supposed to do beside opening corresponding doors.

    There were three boring and mostly static bosses in the whole game, two of them copy pasted once to make it last a bit longer.

    I don't even think its controls or arena map design felt like Metroid Prime. The very limited Metroid Prime 2 multiplayer felt more like "competitive Metroid Prime". It was more fun to me anyway, not that I'd buy a Metroid game for multiplayer.

  • Metroid Prime 4: Beyond – Announcement Trailer
  • I prefer GameCube control for MP1 and 2 too.

    Though MP3 did the wiimote control very well IMO (duh, it was made for it, but still, in this case it added something).

    I have not tried MP1's switch remake though, I only played the original MP and MP2 on gamecube and then Trilogy on the Wii.

  • Metroid Prime 4: Beyond – Announcement Trailer
  • Yeah, I suspect the last minute trailer request too. I am a huge fan of the Metroid Prime trilogy (hunters doesn't count), and that trailer did practically nothing for me.

    Woo, slight remix of the space pirate theme, scanning a dead pirate, and morph balling through a conduit. And three seconds of Sylux, again, because we're supposed to care about that character for some reason.

  • Sims competitor Life by You has been canceled
  • Sims 3 tried to approximate that, though in reality Sims that you couldn't see around at the moment had a very simple alternate simulation instead of the full sim for those you were watching.

    The illusion mostly worked and you technically had a full seamless small town you could visit and interact directly with.

    Sims 3 was also an unstable nightmare, but it was made for what is now 15-year-old hardware and, I assume, held together with shoestrings.

    They got rid of the seamless part in 4, instead splitting the world in tiny groups of a couple buildings each, meaning even EA probably thought the open town was too much trouble. Too bad because the separate blocks are a lot more boring too... Like most of the Sims 4 really.