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Trump Finally Weighs in on Controversial Shark vs. Electrocution Debate
  • People do sometimes get electrocuted in fresh water, but only when a boat in a marina has shore power (120V) and a bad connection of the hot side into the water. This can only occur with shore power, because otherwise the circuit can't leave to boat. It also doesn't occur in salt water because salt conducts electricity better than the human body.

    An EV battery might have enough voltage, but the current would prefer to travel directly from - to + on the battery itself. You would have to literally get in the way of that for it to affect your body. Most situations where that could happen, such as touching the electrodes directly, would be almost as dangerous even when you are dry. And again, salt water would conduct it much better than your body, therefore bypassing you, as long as you don't get in the way.

  • Is it more energy efficient to charge a phone/tablet using a desktop/laptop while your computer is being used vs using the charger?
  • USB PD (Power Delivery) actually does use a higher voltage for more wattage. Standard USB is limited to 5V at 0.5A and sometimes up to 5V @ 2A on quick chargers. But PD chargers can give 20V and 3A for 60w or even 5A (100w) with properly rated cables. There's even a proposal for up to 48V at 5A to get 240w. This is all determined by a negotiation between the charger, the cable (which does have a small chip for this purpose), and the device, therefore PD chargers must support multiple voltages.

  • Linux really has come a long way
  • Sounds like sleep. Hibernate is when it turns completely off, such that you can leave it unplugged for a weekend and still have battery when it pops you back into your session. It takes longer to save and restore the session than sleep does.

  • L.A. County wants to cap rent hikes at 3%. Landlords say that would push them to sell
  • There are websites used by many of the smaller landlords which "suggests" a price for each unit. The landlord stops thinking about a price on their own, takes the website suggestion, and that's a type of price collusion. And there are large investors which own thousands of units in many buildings who apply the same price formula across them all. Both tend to greatly reduce the leverage a renter can have by shopping around multiple offers.

  • Fascinating
  • I remember seeing somebody back in the 90's, who apparently had extreme visual problems, wearing a contact lens that looked like a tiny telescope sticking out. It looked a lot less comfortable than this image though.

  • Oil industry asks Supreme Court to block climate change lawsuits from California, other states
  • But the CARB rules are specifically grandfathered in by the EPA, since they predated it, which also limits their scope. CA can't just make up its own rules outside of that scope, and no other state can make their own rules, (but are allowed to adopt the CA rules where they are stricter than federal.)