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IRS Has Collected Over $1B From Wealthy Tax Cheats, Thanks to New Funding
  • No you're not, you're quoting in a misleading way, you are drawing your own (incorrect) conclusion that recovering 1b cost 80b which is patently incorrect even in the bit of the article you quoted and you refuse to engage anyone who is poining out that you're wrong using good faith arguments, instead saying you're "just reading and quoting" which is the equivalent of covering your ears and going "LALALA".

  • Citrix sends out security bulletin emails, and *every time* the support article gets hugged to death
  • I mean, it must be very difficult to checks notes host a static document in a scalable way.

    But still, if only they had an asynchronous, distributed way of publishing this information. Like old school letters, only digital. That would help them decrease the load on their infrastructure...

  • So much for Blockchain's real life use cases
  • That is patently false. It was developed to help develop the Linux kernel, which famously has multiple decentralized repositories managed by different maintainers.

    The fact that most companies use it in a way you describe, with only one central repository, does not mean that git is not distributed.

  • Is Backblaze a reliable provider?
  • It's alright. I use both their desktop backup service and B2 extensively. Their desktop client and web interface is very basic and a bit rough, you don't buy their service for the well-developed UI. The service works as advertised though.