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  • I recently had to do linear algebra for the first time ever irl. I’ve been out of school for ~15 years. I was trying to make a rotation matrix to transform some points in 2D space. It took me a very long time to remember how it’s performed yet alone “transformation matrix” which is something I’d never heard of before. I got my code all working and was so proud, then later found that one of the r packages I was using could have just solved it all automatically :/

  • 5 reasons why desktop Linux is finally growing in popularity
  • It’s funny because back in the day the lack of support for amd is what made me choose to go nvidia in the future. Maybe the pendulum will swing back who knows? Kind of surprising it’s not well supported given the popularity / importance of cuda.

  • What software you consider so bad it made you happy when you left your job?
  • Maybe a bit niche, but the Scanco software for computed tomography analysis. Cant remember what it’s called off the top of my head. It’s horribly dated and unintuitive. It does work though! My favorite was when we stopped being able to use it for several weeks, we thought it was busted. We contacted the company for help and they informed us that with a new update the numlock key toggled a “feature” that prevented editing files. No visual representation that editing was locked. Wild

  • Not Sparks.
  • I didn’t actually know Cassian was from that movie! Someone else mentioned that to me when I was mid season lmao. I was watching it as a true one off kind of show with a totally new character!

  • Not Sparks.
  • I fell asleep during ep 9 in theatres and have never been down to rewatch it. Mandalorian i gave up early on when a guy flew by a spaceship and gave a thumbs up… but you should check our Andor! It’s pretty good!

  • Oddly consistent
  • I have this and this is maybe the first time I’ve heard of someone else with epp. I think mine is pretty mild, but it really sucks! I hate the sun!

    Edit since I guess this is kinda relevant to discussion: I never had visible symptoms, just pain and extreme sensitivity to temperature /sun when it flares up, so until I was ~16 people told me I was making it up. Finally got a rash at one point and was able to get tests done and was diagnosed.

  • Book recommendations that play with what it means to be a book
  • I think the most famous example is probably “Pale fire” by Nabokov. Not sci-fi, but very very fun! George Perec write some interesting concept books. One is about this apartment in Paris where every chapter just describes a random room in the building, but slowly tells a story of the inhabitants.

  • Mass shooting in the center of Prague: 15 deaths confirmed
  • I think one of the benefits would be less war since every citizen would be personally affected by it. Also all the public works and infrastructure. And healthcare. It could be great! Maybe it would help with all the “lonely men” culture that we hear so much about, and likely plays into some of the gun culture. I guess we’ll never know since that won’t happen here, though.

  • peas nutz
  • Fun fact: he wanted to study mice breeding but the church said no because it was lewd. If he had he probably wouldn’t have figured things out since mice genetics aren’t as simple as peas.