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so funny I forgot to laugh
  • Its rather telling when they go on about how "the rest of the world is still fucked no matter who is President, just look at Yemen or Gaza" while conspicuously not talking about the countries that want help and are getting help like Ukraine lol

    Just some rando from outside the US with the "America bad" fixation (which is generally justified don't get me wrong) who doesn't understand how the US' politics are, quite literally, the most important politics on the planet in regards to where global events are concerned.

    And, for anyone who wants to screech about "self-centered American thinks his country is the most important," just think about which nation is top dog militarily, economically, and politically. It's not boasting - it's just reality that a global superpowers politics are more consequential than a non-superpower.

  • Meta removes Trump account restrictions ahead of 2024 election
  • Hoosier here...yuuuup

    The pockets of blue are growing a little bit in some of the more affluent areas just outside of Indianapolis like Carmel (or, at least, it's more purple than it was 20 years ago).

    I'm hoping as remote work continues to grow, people move here to change the place because of how cheap it is - even in like the heart of Indianapolis lol

  • Biden administration moves toward allowing American military contractors to deploy to Ukraine
  • To be clear, I didn't necessarily state I advocated for those things, but the prompt was for what interests the US has in being involved in Ukraine.

    Whether it is right or justified is another matter, but it is undeniably of significant importance for a state to be able to show it can project force/inflict harm on those it deems a problem.

    As for US involvement in the Middle East...yeah...not great. US involvement in Ukraine? I'd say it's a different story since we are actually wanted there by the Ukrainian people, and it is reasonably likely that Russia would be involved in Ukraine whether or not it wished to be involved with the West, as it is valuable land in an area of historical Russian influence, and the crackpot ideology of Putin's Russia all but demands its subjugation (no, really, shit's wild).

  • Biden administration moves toward allowing American military contractors to deploy to Ukraine
  • I think you're conflating "maintaining a global hegemonic order" with "fucking up a nation that has actively tried to harm the United States AND is provably committing war crimes."

    Is American hegemony all sunshine and roses? Fuck no lol

    At least it is built more on consensus of member states than a hegemony built up by dictatorships like Russia (which, let's be real, isn't ever gonna be a global hegemon) or China?

  • Biden administration moves toward allowing American military contractors to deploy to Ukraine
  • Not giving a hostile power control of 20% of the world's grain supply is a good one.

    Demonstration of American commitment to stopping its enemies worldwide is always handy.

    Weakening of a major geopolitical enemy's military capabilities for a fraction of the cost of a conventional war.

    That's just off the top of my head, though.

  • About the us election
  • ...until the big party that wants to end democracy makes that entire point moot.

    No chance of a third party getting more votes if the entire system it was created for is destroyed lol

  • People left seriously creeped out after woman shares how to find out everything Google knows about you
  • Same lol

    Between that and the random shit it has listed as what I get ads isn't a whole lot. I spend most of time looking up highly specific things on Wikipedia or out of immediate utility, so I suppose I'm just not that interesting...also ublock origin ftw

  • After promising free DLC forever to some players, Escape from Tarkov locks a new PvE mode behind $250 edition
  • I got EoD edition back in like 2017 and played it for a fair bit, but I've maintained for years that BSG is a shit company and the best possible thing to happen is for a new game that is very similar to come out and gut their playerbase.

    Tons of people called me an idiot back when I said this in like 2020, so it's good to see at least some level of pushback - now we just need that replacement game and BSG is screwed (especially since they still do wipes, meaning there is less sunk-cost fallacy to keep people around).

  • Radicalized Students Will Regret Backing Hamas
  • This is obviously just bait lol

    That said, the comments on that site are pretty funny.

    My favorite is the dude crying about how the Arabs stole Israel from the Jews whereas the Jews got it from God. Like, did he not read the Bible? What happened to the Canaanites???

    Good times...

  • ABAB
  • I'm of the mind that she is of use to my current aims so I'm indifferent to her, but at the end of the day she is still probably not on my side completely.

    I'll take her essentially speaking against Republicans and being rich if it means Republicans lose because of it.

  • Seattle dance squad says they were told American flag shirts made audience members feel 'triggered and unsafe'
  • Assuming this article is even true, which is dubious, it's a complete nothingburger, lol

    It's just more pathetic culture war bullshit because conservatives keep racking up Ls and have little to show the American people. It's so much easier to screech about "wokes and immigrants are destroying this nation" than to actually attempt to fix the problems that matter, like climate change, the economy, and our aging infrastructure (of course, this is also due to he Republicans being bought and paid for by business interests that want to undermine fixing these issues).

    Any time I see some nutjob republican make some big sweeping "anti-woke" legislation, I stop and ask myself: "How does this help the average American in ways that actually matter to them?" Usually, the answer is,"it doesn't."