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Outdoor clothing brands still using ‘forever chemicals’ despite health risk
  • Did you read the article?

    Páramo and Finisterre use no PFAS in their products, while Fjällräven, Alpkit, Lowe Alpine and Patagonia are mostly PFAS free. They and more than a dozen other firms say they will end their PFAS use next year.

  • Saw a nazi today
  • Unless there are other things on the car that can support this, we can't simply draw any conclusion. 88 also means good fortune in Chinese culture. By OP's premise, there are lots of Nazis in my country.

  • Things the guys who stole my phone have texted me to try to get me to unlock it - Gothamist
  • the methods used by thiefs to try and get access to your phone data.

    It is not about accessing the data but to disassociate the current user from the phone so that the thief can reset the phone or/and it's components for new users.

  • Iran's president, foreign minister and others found dead at helicopter crash site, state media says
  • that's a deliberate geopolitical move to gain direct involvement of the US into the conflict by inciting retaliation from Iran. So they were expecting the repercussion.

    It is a dick move but not as severe as attacking the head of the country. Just imagine during the WW2 the Allied assassinate the Japanese Emperor. It was a no go.

    Man, If you hate someone, find a rational reasons for them to be hated. Not every wrongs can be linked to them. Use your head, not emotion.

  • How the Palestinian Authority Failed Its People

    Make Palestinian governance better instead of leaving a vacuum for Hamas to fill.

    How the Palestinian Authority Failed Its People

    How can I hide the top toolbar in Post View?

    I've already customized all the functions through the bottom navigation and left drawer. The top toolbar is kind of redundant and harder to reach, so would like to hide it.


    Why not Choose Orange Pi 5 Plus instead of Raspberry Pi 4B

    If you're into Raspberry Pi 4B, why not weighing in on Orange Pi 5+ instead. For twice the price of Raspberry Pi 4B, we get thrice its power.

    I am very satisfied which this board that I bought (2 units) about 2 months ago to add to my k8s Banana Pi M5 cluster. It's a relatively new board so expect to run into some problems as the software support is still in infancy. Not much complain as my k3s cluster is up and running. So far so good.