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"Twy Edge Pwetty Pwease"
  • I want to keep some of my files locally and not on a cloud service? I dislike how that's the default location to save stuff to. Finding my local machine is harder than it should be.

    Also cost. Eventually when you get used to it or mass adoption happens they will start nickel and diming you to use their service.


  • What are some underrated yet well paid jobs that one should consider and why ?
  • No idea if those skills would be transferable. I was on the small to mid sized biz side. Never worked for a provider or anything. Mainly managing, installing and configuring systems.

    Once you understand the basics of telephony it's pretty easy. It's getting more complex now since it's all ip/sip based but because that's a skill that is lacking because everyone who does know that wants to be a network or security guy, not the phone guy/gal.

    If you are working it now. Figure out who's doing your phones and express interest in learning. It's how everyone I know got into it.

  • What are some underrated yet well paid jobs that one should consider and why ?
  • You don't need to work with the big guys.

    Small businesses, managed service, utilities, hospitals all need telecom guys. Ive been out of telecom for years and I still have recruiters occasionally reaching out to me.

  • Political Memes books
    Every Republican Politician after back-to-back-to-back Ls
    Daily Journal Dataview Question

    New to obsidian.

    I'm trying to set up my daily journal to have a task list at the top, and then an unfinished task list below.

    How do I get my unfinished task list to only show tasks that are less than the current day?

    This is what I have so far:


    dataview task

    from "Daily Notes"

    WHERE !completed AND text != ""


    Anyone have a good tutorial on migrating an os from an SSD to an M.2?

    As the title suggests, I've got an old 500gb SSD running my main OS on my desktop, and I just purchased a 2tb m2 drive and want to migrate over without a big headache.

    Does anyone have any guides that they recommend to do this? I haven't tried to migrate an OS in probably a decade, I just usually do a fresh install, but I no longer want to do that as my time/files are worth more to me now.


    Desktop Windows 11 machine turns off NIC when computer goes to sleep

    Hey all,

    Personal machine here, and I can't figure out whats going on. My windows 11 machine turns off the nic when it goes to sleep, so when I go to use my pc, I have to wait about 30 secons while it wakes up.

    I've tried all the basic fixes i've found online, like ensuring the nic can't sleep, the drivers on the nic are up-to-date, and that my power management settings won't put it to sleep, but nothing works.

    Anyone else seen this in the wild and know how to fix it?

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