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Fetterman has to be one of the biggest disappointments for the left in recent memory
  • "stealing", palestine was part of the ottoman empire before they sided with germany in WW1 and lost, surrendering most of their land and becoming turkey. They have no right to say anything was stolen from them, they surrendered it. Multiple deals were rejected that wouldve given them autonomy and legitimacy over a larger region than they currently have, but they would rather keep fighting and dying until they can get their empire back I guess.

  • Fetterman has to be one of the biggest disappointments for the left in recent memory
  • Yeah no dont try to make hamas seem noble. The reason even egypt and jordan and Lebanon wont take palestinian refugees is because hamas are such rabid dogs no one in their right mind would be their neighbor, because theyre happy to drag everyone down with them on their stupid crusade and use innocents as shields.

    If hamas didn't exist, in your metaphor, you could simply just leave the house.

  • Fetterman has to be one of the biggest disappointments for the left in recent memory
  • I think most people that were adults when 9/11 happened dont expect peace to ever be possible between the arabs and the west, and see hamas and all the other extremists as suicidially determined genocidal crusaders.

    Especially so since Hamas knew they had no chance of winning any conflict they started with the Oct 7th attack but did it anyway, and maintain popular support in gaza even now.

    It's not that older Americans necessarily want to see Palestinians slaughtered but don't see any peaceful alternative to ending the conflict, and see it more as a 'fuck around and find out' situation, so long as Israel doesnt start putting people in ovens (for some even if they do).

    As an aside, geopolitically, thats kinda the point of (funding and arming and training and informing) Hamas. To make peace impossible, because peace benefits the west.

    For the sake of spreading their ideology and increasing their support, their backers want a forever war.

  • New Laptop Memory Is Here! LPCAMM2 Changes Everything! - iFixit Video
  • Yeah mega transfers. 1 transfer is 8 bytes. the DD in DDRX is double data so it can send 2 transfers per channel per clock. CPUs pretty much always use 2 channels, so the formula is just GBps = 32 * MT/s. My PC has 6000MT/s DDR5 in a dual channel config so thatd be 192GBps.

    Idk how apple is getting above 300GBps, maybe theyre counting the integrated GPU as part of the total. GPUs often have 4 or 6 or 8 channels so thatd make sense...

  • Downsides of Signal alternatives compared to Signal?
  • Yeah but you cant really obfuscate your message destination and timing without using onion routing, and really thats just making it more expensive to compromise and run. That said other things here do make it seem like a honeypot...

    Its fully open source though, even the server. Might not be that hard to fork it and let people host their own servers.

  • "Clean" Code, Horrible Performance in Rust
  • For what its worth , the cache locality of Vec<Box<Dyn trait>> is terrible in general, i feel like if youre iterating over a large array of things and applying a polymorphic function you're making a mistake.

    Cache locality isnt a problem when youre only accessing something once though.

    So imo polymorphism has its place for non iterative-compute type work, ie web server handler functions and event driven systems.

  • nice argument however i have depicted you as a rule
  • 'Just disband hamas' - this war has actually made them much more popular among palestinians. source

    Most palestinians think hamas was justified in the oct 7 attack and 44% support them in their goal to eradicate israel.

  • Are these batteries a scam?

    I've been planning a conversion on my 2000 chevy s10 with the emrax 348 for a while, and I came across these while searching for a battery. They claim a charge / discharge of 50C and 60C respectively. Wtf. The brand is reputable though, but I didn't think this was possible ...


    How does https prevent man in the middle?

    Say Alice wants to open up an HTTPS connection to Bob through a proxy named Earl.

    What prevents Earl from reading alices request, opening a connection pretending to be bob, and then opening a https connection with bob pretending to be Alice , and snooping on the traffic as it passes through ?


    The Adult Boa Seaphim Is Going To Be Broken

    She gets to have one of the most broken 1 shot devil fruits synergizing with her natural beauty, on top of being nigh invulnerable and having all 3 forms of haki.


    Why no high power mini PCs?

    All the NUCs and other mini PCs I see run mobile processors.

    It's a shame because a simple downdraft air cooler with a 120mm fan can handle a pretty high power load and could definitely fit in a tiny space.

    Add a few thunderbolt ports and you could have a capable and upgradeable little pc.