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Democrats Need to Wake Up From Their ‘West Wing’ Fantasy
  • Ok…but now you’re actually talking about the article, whereas your previous comment was (incorrect) about electoral victories, which is not what it was about. So no it wasn’t rude, it was bizarre that you went that route and I wasn’t sure why. So sure I could’ve maybe been a little “gentler” about it but let’s not clutch pearls here and play dumb.

  • Why?
  • Eh as much as I want to agree with you that doesn’t mean much if he did it just to vote against Trump in the primaries or something. The donation to act Blue is going to be all the right cares about unless it is crystal clear he was voting Republican, and unfortunately the right messages better than the left right now and any attempt at nuance will be drowned out by “he donated to liberal groups.” People leaning or more “moderate” will go with the right’s narrative most likely unless he truly was a Republican.

  • Trump Assassination Attempt Megathread:
  • Trump is a piece of shit and a part of me wishes he was just a few cm over but I am also not a psychopath and understand that’s a bit twisted and I can’t let me hatred/fear of him drive me into conspiracy land.

    Occam’s razor is clear here and we have NO evidence to the contrary. If new evidence emerges showing there is some potential fuckery with what happened I will gladly revise my stance. But until that evidence emerges, all I see is a tragic story of a 20-year-old two years out of high school that thought this was how he was going to solve his/our collective problem.

  • Trump Assassination Attempt Megathread:
  • You did not say it was just shaking out the way they want it to. You were coming up with conspiracy theories for how it happened. Stop playing dumb/innocent. We both know exactly what you’re doing and it is insulting that you think you can pretend it was anything else.

  • Trump Assassination Attempt Megathread:
  • Oh my god dude this is exactly what right wing fuckwits are doing to make sure it was “definitely a radical gay woke leftist” wake the fuck up. You are indulging the exact same conspiratorial thinking and circular logic they do. You’ve decided what happened and are cobbling together “evidence” in the form of “it’s possible.”

    Get off your computer for an hour and go take a walk or something. Wait for actual information.