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Solar panel import tariffs increase US module prices by up to 286%
  • Biden's sanctions on solar panels from China has resulted in protected monopolies jacking up costs.

    This claim is not supported by the article in any fashion.

    Summary from the article:

    Clean Energy Associates released a summary of the seven solar module trade policies and solar panel import tariffs currently in place, including AD/CVD rulings, Section 201/302, and the Uyghur Protection Act. These tariffs have significantly increased, or will increase, the cost of hardware imports into the United states – predominantly from China, but not exclusively – by 91% to 286%

    The article addresses how the tariffs are expected to increase the prices of solar panels imported from various countries.

    This seems like yet another blatant misrepresentation of facts as part of OPs aggressive voter suppression campaign to make Joe Biden look bad in order to help Donald Trump get elected.

  • Why don't electric car manufacurers put solar panels on the car roofs?
  • The new Prius Prime has an optional rooftop solar panel.

    According to an article in Slash Gear you can get about 4 miles of range after 9 hours in the sun.

    So it has the potential to marginally increase your range on the scale of a short commute under ideal circumstances, but it's not much apparently.

  • Stanford University Students Accused of Plagiarizing AI Model
  • A GitHub user named pzc163 posted a lengthy thread highlighting the similarities. They specifically noted how Llama3V had copied significant code, formatting and other elements. They also noted that the two models gave many of the same answers, including making the same mistakes.

  • Billionaires in Silicon Valley are opening up to Trump. It's not just because of taxes.

    Donald Trump is set for a major stop in the 2024 money race Thursday when he travels to Silicon Valley for a high-profile fundraiser with tech billionaires.

    Billionaires in Silicon Valley are opening up to Trump. It's not just because of taxes.
    Biden's Gaza plan 'not a good deal' but Israel accepts it, Netanyahu aide says
  • Some more context from a BBC article

    But Yair Lapid, one of Israel's most influential opposition politicians, was quick to offer his backing to the embattled prime minister. His Yesh Atid (There is a future) party hold 24 seats. He said the prime minister "has our safety net for a hostage deal if Ben-Gvir and Smotrich leave the government".

  • Good, Igor, more lies
  • Disinformation campaigns don't necessarily need to come up with new rhetoric, they just need to normalize it so that it appears more acceptable to some people. Amplifying and normalizing this sort of thing among certain groups helps to solidify their views and further radicalize them.

    It's like any other form of advertising, you try to find something that sticks then beat it to death. Then you find something else, and repeat the process. In this case the antisemitic rhetoric is still unfortunately effective.

  • Spanish town bans penis suits and sex dolls from stag and hen dos
  • I got you

    From [Wikipedia] ('_prison) about debtors prison:

    In 1963, members of the Council of Europe, an intergovernmental human rights organization based in Strasbourg, adopted the Protocol No. 4 to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. Article 1 of the protocol states that "no one shall be deprived of his liberty merely on the ground of inability to fulfil a contractual obligation." Currently, 42 states have ratified the protocol.[74]

    Article about cash bail reform

    I'm not sure if either of these apply to international flight risks.

    Maybe a better option would be to seize British passports and place offenders on a no fly list.

  • 🔴 Live: Hamas says Israel's Gaza ceasefire plan 'positive'
  • I'm not sure what the exact proposal is but it seems like Israel is saying the ceasefire allows them to achieve their objective while ceasing hostilities.

    I'm skeptical Netanyahu won't break the ceasefire as soon as it's politically advantageous, but we'll see.

  • 🔴 Live: Hamas says Israel's Gaza ceasefire plan 'positive'
  • From the BBC "live" coverage of the proposal

    Netanyahu releases statement

    A statement has just been released from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office.

    It says he has authorised the Israeli negotiating team to "present an outline" for achieving the release of all hostages.

    However, the statements goes on to say the war in Gaza will not end until all goals - including the "elimination" of Hamas's armed wing and organisational capacities - are achieved.

    It continues: "The exact outline proposed by Israel, including the conditional transition from stage to stage, allows Israel to maintain these principles."

  • Netanyahu and Putin are both waiting for Trump
  • You not only seem to be misunderstanding gas lighting still but also the messaging around the economy and the response to the Gaza invasion.

    Fun fact: the economy can be doing great and poor people can still exist. Let that doozy sink in.

    Another neat one: the Biden administration can want peace in Israel but not be willing to destroy the relationship we have with that country, alienate a huge portion of Biden voter, or destroy the political capital he has in order to get peace.

  • Trump’s Ugly, Hateful Attacks on Media Suddenly Take a Dangerous Turn

    His posting of a video of a man cursing at Joe Scarborough sends a broader message: If elected, he’ll use state power to come after countless other Americans.

    Trump’s Ugly, Hateful Attacks on Media Suddenly Take a Dangerous Turn
    27 Iranian film director Mohammad Rasoulof flees after jail sentence

    Mohammad Rasoulof was sentenced over his new film, which is to be premiered at the Cannes festival.

    Iranian film director Mohammad Rasoulof flees after jail sentence