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“A simple calculation”
  • Reinforcement learning is a machine learning (ML) technique (“AI” in layman terms) for optimizing neural networks and other types of non-linear models.

    As far as ML math goes, this is fairly tame. It looks complicated, but is spelled out clearly in the paper. A lot of these kind of theoretical papers — things that would get published in Automatica — are going to lean very heavy on math.

    Source: PhD in Computer Science with dissertation using neural networks.

  • CNN's debate was no fair fight
  • The problem is Biden’s team has been saying the economy is great, look at all the metrics… but people don’t feel that it’s great for them. It would be helpful for Biden to validate people’s concerns and feelings instead of dismissing them.

    The economy is doing well, let’s admit that. But the first question of the debate demonstrated that things are not great. Denying that reality and pretending otherwise is extremely damaging. I don’t want a grandpa who will lie to me to make me feel better, I want a grandpa who will sell it to me straight but help me through what I’m going through.

    If Biden could accept and be upfront that people are struggling day-to-day, he may not alienate as many people over to Trump on economic success.

  • CNN's debate was no fair fight
  • Agreed.

    Biden could have started saying, "you know, I've never been a good debater -- especially with a bit of a campaign cold -- but what I have been good at is running this country. I've clearly been around for a while and, since I've dedicated my career and life to being a servant to this great country, I've never been more optimistic about America's economy. Yes, we've taken a few punches recovering from the pandemic, but compared to our international neighbors we are doing ok. Not great, but not bad. There is still a lot of work left to do cleaning up from the mistakes of my predecesor, but we are making good progress and will continue to do so. <insert list of capping medication prescription costs, FED interest rates have stopped and not rising, historically low unemployment with 11 million new jobs, taxes on corporations>"

  • California says AT&T can't shut down copper DSL network
  • This.

    You’d be surprised how much of a place’s physical infrastructure depends on a physical line. Automated fire alerts for high rises, security alarms, remote access for gates and doors, backup phone connections. A lot of this still uses old physical lines because it is easy to fix and highly reliable.

    Now consider the infrastructure needed for specialized services like EMS, police, secure and classified buildings, federal agencies, embassies, smart traffic signals. Shutting down a network like that has massive implications for anything in society that relies on it, which is well beyond your cell phone plan.

  • Academia to Industry
  • It’s a lot of fucking work. If you enjoy hard work, learning about the latest advancements in your field, and can handle disappointment / criticism well, then it’s something to look into.

  • What space object do you find the most interesting?
  • The S-IVB-506.

    This was the third stage of the launch vehicle for Apollo 11. After entering Earth orbit, the S-IVB rocket was responsible for the translunar injection burn. Once the burn was complete, the command module, LEM, astronauts and the spent rocket were then coasting to the moon. The astronauts would detach the CSM, pitch up, translate in, extract the LEM, then thrust with RCS to get clear of the S-IVB. At this point, the rocket is still on a coarse to the moon.

    Many of them orbit between the Earth and moon to this day. One is speculated to orbit between the Earth and Sun. Many impacted the lunar surface, including the one from Apollo 13.

    The S-IVB-506 rocket was the one that carried Apollo 11 to the moon. It’s a piece of human history, floating silently in a heliocentric orbit above us.

  • What's was your favourite fast food product that unfortunately got retired and never came back?
  • I feel like I’m cursed or McD’s is taking a huge nose dive. I haven’t had a good, hot, not-soggy, salty McDonalds french fry in like 2-3 years. Every time I go, the fries are super gross. I’ve taken several road trips and the only consistency I’ve experienced is how terrible the fries have been.