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Senators unveil bipartisan deal on stock trading ban
  • Penalties for violating the law would either be the monthly salary of a lawmaker or 10% of the value of each asset they buy or sell.

    Because I'm sure no one would make more than that and just take the trade off. And then take credit for saving the tax payers money. That's definitely not the kind of thing that would happen in the Congress I know.

  • Mildred
  • This generational. I've seen a number of names I thought of as grandma names come back into fashion. People who are young enough not to have experienced grandmas with those names pick them. Gertrude is a grandma name to me, BTW, not a great-grandma name. I actually had a grandma named Gertrude. Welcome to old. (Edit: my brain glitched from Mildred to Gertrude there. Looking forward to Alzheimers.)

  • What's stopping him?
  • Even if he were prosecuted, his lawyers could claim he was too senile to know what he was doing, and it's not like he's got enough years left in him to worry about seeing the end of it.

  • Oh Joe...
  • Can someone remind me of the last time a U.S. president took a principled stand on some foreign policy issue? Seriously, I'm not just asking this to be a dick. I'm pretty sure things are set up to ensure this does not ever happen.

  • Smiling robot face is made from living human skin cells
  • It's like they spent a lot of time and effort thinking about, how many different ways can we make this more terrifying? I'm having trouble coming up with anything else they could do short of anything really blatant like attaching it to a mobile body with flailing meat grinder arms and giving it a blood curdling 100 decibel scream.

  • why is the create comment button at the top?

    Of the many Lemmy clients I've tried, Thunder is the one I like the best, but the one place I have nits is the creating a comment experience.

    After typing the comment you have close you keyboard, to have any hope of the create button being visible (if your comment is really short) and then scroll all the way back up to the top. Isn't the bottom the obviously better place for this button?

    Even worse, if in trying to scroll the screen, you accidentally hit the little horizontal bar at the top, you just lose your comment.

    Finally, it seems to always lose my place in the thread and put me back at the top after entering a comment.