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Live bullet found in prop holster of actor Jensen Ackles on ‘Rust’ set, crime scene technician testifies
  • Yes they should be, now leave the non sequitur discussion derailing nonsense at the door and stay on topic. Parents being irresponsible dumbasses has nothing to do with a film exec directing his crew to cut safety corners to save a quick buck.

  • Live bullet found in prop holster of actor Jensen Ackles on ‘Rust’ set, crime scene technician testifies
  • So it's not exactly about the shooting itself but creating the negligent conditions that allowed it to happen. From what I understand, as a producer he had his crew cut as many safety corners as possible to reduce costs. His direction to cut corners led to oversights in safety, which led to the prop masters making safety mistakes and accidentslly loading a live round into a firearm designated as a prop, which led to a person dying because of an on set accident. If he didn't direct his crew to cut corners, the chances of somebody dying is dramatically reduced and makes this line of work incredibly safe despite the potentially dangerous implements used.

    So the case is about "did the executive decisions Baldwin make to cut corners on safety contribute to the death of someone on set?"

  • How can I fix my weird pole targets?
  • You'll need to adjust the roll of the bones in edit mode. Ctrl+R let's you adjust the roll, and if you have a more complex rig based around parenting thd deform to more advanced control and mechansim bones like ones from the Humane Riggin course, youll want to adjust everything in the mechanism. You'll probably have to go back and forth a few times between edit and pose mode.

    Also definitely check out Rigify, it's not some proprietary addon, it's Blender's own rig built into the software. It's really powerful but it's also kind of a lot all at once. There's a lot of resources and tutorials out there that go pretty deep into how rigify works and how all of the setup components can interact. If you van learn how to build out the metarig before generating the full controlled rig, you'll be able to rig damn near anything.

  • Productivity
  • Unfortunately for Calvin, an eloquent and well thought out speech about the death of craftsmanship and ruthless mechanical efficiency wasn't on topic to the assignment about what you did over the summer (or whatever other assignment it is)

  • What did your parents refrigerate? Mine refrigerated bread.
  • That too is a strong possibility but if the container airtight it probably shouldn't see a ton of loss of flavor mover time. And a lot your major soy sauce is predominantly just salty and savory without much of other complex flavors going on.

  • Too real
  • My point is that third parties aren't able to win in our current voting system unless one party literally rips itself in half, in which case the system immediately goes back to a 2 party system when the ripped party inevitably dies off. And that party didn't dies from people abandoning ship, it died because it ran 2 candidates for presidency

    Third parties literally cannot exist based on the way our government is set up.

  • AOC wants to impeach SCOTUS justices following Trump immunity ruling
  • We've had this sort of situation before, FDR was radically progressive on a lot of policy decisions, he made great strides ad pulling us out of the Great Depression, leading us through world war 2, dramatically reduced the wealth disparity and was so popular with the voting public he was elected 4 times. Then the politically connected wanted to make sure that kind of presidency never happened again, so they paid to get the political machinery altered to suit their needs, term limits were introduced, influential think tanks were created to push favorable public policy and install favorable political assets, launched propaganda campaigns to sway public perception and consolidated economic power.

    I agree that a single properly progressive president can do a lot to make things better, and a president who actually wields power can make some very important structural changes within the political party but it doesn't disassemble the political machinery that led us to our current situation in the first place. It doesn't disassemble the vast propaganda networks and think tanks, it doesn't stop the flow of dark money into politician pockets. All these positive changes can be undone if the next guy that comes in is a shitbag.

  • AOC wants to impeach SCOTUS justices following Trump immunity ruling
  • We have to undo decades of policy enacted the much longer politically aware and active owner class. They've had a head start on us, so it's going to take tome to dismantle the political machinery they've created while minimizing harm done to the rest of us.

  • Too real
  • Hey, when was the last time a third party won an election for the presidency in a presidential election? Oh 1860 and one of the major political parties at the time split its voting base among north/south lines and promptly died as a result leading once again to a 2 party system?

  • I'm getting old
  • The entire paragraph is is about the Prequels, I said phantom menace was about 1980s decadence and the Prequels theme suddenly shifted to post 9/11 and the transition of republics to empires.

    And honestly I think it's part of why people leave Phantom Menace off of their watch lists because thematically it doesn't really fit thematically with the other 2 prequel movies.

  • I'm getting old
  • For as schlocky of an adventure the OT and Prequels were, they still drew on real world inspirations. The OT pulls inspiration from WW2 and the Vietnam War as the backdrop, a small rag Tage group of guerilla style freedom fighters fighting off the highly militarized empire with weapons that can destroy entire jungles I mean planets in its path.

    The Prequels, for as bad as the dialoge was (because Lucas was surrounded by Yes Men instead of people who actually knew how to cover his weaknesses), was about the decadence of the 80s and the exploitation of the labor of 3rd world countries (see the disparity between Anakin being a slave on Tatooine and Padme being a queen of/senator for Naboo), in phandom menace, which quickly shifted focus to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and how republics, like the Roman Republic, and Weimar Republic became the Roman Empire and Nazi Germany, and how America was following the same path.

    And this isn't really some reading between the lines speculation, George Lucas has said that these real world conflicts served as inspiration for the movies. Could it be post hoc rationalization? Yeah it could be, but it's kinda hard to make those justifications even years after the movies have been released.

    The sequels just aren't pulling from any relevant sources. It was all nostalgia bait without any substance the first order is literally just Hugo boss wearing good stepping nazis 2.0, aka The Empire Again, the New Republic narratively exists only to be blown up by The Empire 2.0, everything is "Look its just like the Original Trilogy!" and it all lacks a cohesive vision and an actual hero's journey for someone to go through. Like everyone has great setups, a rogue stormtrooper, an ace pilot for the rebellion and a girl who survived childhood gathering scrap from dangerous derelict. And they just all get sidelined for all the nostalgia bait.

  • What's the best possible justification for vandalizing a library?
  • With all the people talking about how the books in this one library have been destroyed, when Israel has completely razed numerous universities, hospitals and libraries. Lives and information that has been burned from the face of the earth. This level of damage pales in comparison to the damage caused by Israel in Gaza.

    If some spray paint in an American library causes you to clutch pearls but the literal bombing and razing of libraries in Gaza doesn't get this level of response, you seriously have some inverted priorities.

  • Think of the children!
  • My dad had to wait 6 months just to get an appointment for a doctor to recommend ankle surgery surgery which took place another 6 months later. So we have wait times just as bad as any other country.

  • New York’s Fat Beach Day gives plus-size people a space to be themselves
  • I'm lucky enough that I don't have a huge weight problem, and the bit of pudge I do have would probably be pretty easily solved by drinking less sugary drinks. But I'm also speaking from a place of empathy because I get that there are basically no options that cover the healthy, quick, and cheap requirements people want from their food.

  • 8,000 seat TX church attendance after lead pastor (Trump's spiritual advisor) busted for pedophilia
  • Take everything with i say with a grain of salt/do some searching to get more specifics of what I say, its been years since I've really considered myself properly Catholic and a lot of what I learned is a bit rusty.

    It depends on the flavor of Christianity, Catholics and some Protestant denominations that are still traditionally pretty close to Catholics, like the Anglicans, use the all black outfit with the Roman collar, that black collar with the white tab for their day to day outfits and the wear specific robes and garments when performing Mass.

    I'm not sure of the details of the various flavors of Orthodox, but the bit I have seen tend to also use the various robes and other garments.

    Some flavors of Protestant tend to focus on their leadership being part of the people and being in service to others (and actually do a lot of community service) tend to wear fairly plain common clothes.

    And then the big Protestant mega churches that operate more like tax havens than actual ministries serving the community, tend to wear the nice suits and fly in their private jets.