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Phone and messages replacement

Hi all,

Currently trying to DeGoogle my phone. I'm down to the last few apps. I want to replace the Phone and Messages apps.

I tried the Fossify versions from FDroid but was met with mixed problems. The first is the phone app. The Fossify version doesn't have Spam call warnings like the Google version. The Fossify version also doesn't have a voicemail button, not really a deal breaker but nice to have.

Second was a bigger problem though, the messages app. At first it seemed to work, but couldn't send pictures after a short time. I usually send picture links anyway so not the worst but kind of annoying. After a while I would start getting delays in receiving standard SMS messages and finally wasn't able to send any messages at all. I switched back to Google messages and everything worked flawlessly immediately. Also I turned off RCS in Google messages prior to switching.

If any of you could recommend a good SMS/Phone app i would appreciate it.

  • QKSMS is unmaintained as are a lot of other SMS apps in the stores.
  • I've got a Pixel 7 with the stock OS, but will be moving to LineageOS soon.
  • I use Signal when I can, but I have clients that I can't simply request they use a whole separate app just for me.
  • Using T-Mobile

Atmosphere 1.7.0 is in Pre-release, fixes for Switch FW 18.0.0 Releases · Atmosphere-NX/Atmosphere

Atmosphère is a work-in-progress customized firmware for the Nintendo Switch. - Atmosphere-NX/Atmosphere

Releases · Atmosphere-NX/Atmosphere

Interestingly the release notes include this section:

fusee no longer supports applying IPS patches to KIPs.

Followed up by:

The IPS subsystem was originally designed to make nogc patches work for FS, but these are now internal, and it appears the literal only kip patches that exist are for piracy.

Does this indicate Atmosphere is going to become more hostile for any form of piracy?


Quad9 and Comcast

Not sure if this is the right place.

The last few days I've been experiencing a few issues resolving DNS on my home network. Strangely, rebooting the router seemed to fix it for a time. After running into the issue again I decided to investigate further. I'm using a Mikrotik router with my PC wired in with ethernet cable. The router is using DoH to Quad9 ( as per their documentation). I've also imported root certificates for validation.

As of right now, my desktop cannot resolve dns against, however it can resolve dns against and

$ dig @

;; communications error to timed out

Interestingly also cannot curl the DoH URL (also a timeout). I thought maybe Quad9 is having issues so I jumped over to my EC2 instance, and I can dig/curl just fine.

I also turned on debug logging on the router, the logs indicate the same issue my desktop is having (timeout errors, sometimes and SSL handshake error).

My question to you all is, have I missed something in my testing/setup, or is Comcast blocking Quad9?

Additional info:

The mikrotik is the latest firmware (6.49.10). I can switch to CloudFlare DoH on the router and it works fine. I can remove the DoH setting entirely and it works. I've got as a static DNS server and the 2 comcast dns servers are dynamic ( and NTP is setup and the router has the correct date/time/timezone.

As of this writing rebooting the router is no longer temporarily fixing the problem.


Thanks u/[email protected] !

Per their post the status page shows issues in my area: