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A cool guide to yellow stripey things
  • Check out the book Endless Forms. It's an interesting exploration of types of wasps and hornets.

    Also, the last house I lived in had wasps and yellow jackets all over the yard. I only got stung twice, both times by yellow jackets, because I once mowed their nest, and another time when my dog stuck his whole head in another nest. If you don't have threatening energy, they have no concern for you

  • [Other] Most people don't realize how many young people are extremely addicted to CharacterAI
  • Maybe I'm old, but how are they getting addicted? It seems like it's chatgpt with a costume wardrobe.

    Also pretty sure some have a human in the loop, since I got called a troll and a fool by the AI when I tried to find the limits of one LLM character

  • Based
  • The government wouldn't release me for any degree I wanted, so I haven't gone yet. My plans got derailed because I either applied to a program outside my career field, or I didn't have a background related to a masters in my career field. Perfect catch 22. Currently trying to get accepted to an electrical engineering program. But it's tough after being away from school for so long

  • Based
  • Got my undergrad in physics and commissioned as a Lt. The first taught me how little I actually know. The second taught me how little everyone else actually knows. But damn, some of them are confident in it

  • Exclusive: US House panel finds Wall St 'colluded' to curb emissions