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YSK: is managed by tankies, and lead lemmy developer is a tankie
  • How is any of this trolling or bad faith? I am being completely sincere.

    The fact that you're a sockpuppet account that was just exposed by me doesn't mean I'm trolling. It means you're incompetent and should get better at your job if you want to persuade anyone.

    Although I suppose when your employer is able to ban anyone who exposes their employees it isn't as much of an issue. Why persuade anyone when you can just destroy them, right?

    In the .01% chance that you're an actual person, you need to toughen up. The internet isn't supposed to be an endless game of gotcha where you report people for saying mean words. Society isn't supposed to be like that either, and wasn't until 2014. Toughen the fuck up and abandon this hall monitor/tattle tale personality type. It makes everyone hate you. Which you would pick up on if you had any awareness of social cues - which may be hard to obtain if you're autistic, which was my previous point

    Regardless officer, thank you for safeguarding the oligarchs from the masses. You're doing a great job of keeping their boot on our throats

  • YSK: is managed by tankies, and lead lemmy developer is a tankie
  • Clearly I wasn't banned if I'm commenting now. And saying that someone is autistic isn't an insult. It's the truth. And it's very common among the userbase on here because this site's users are disproportionately autistic.

    If you don't like that then maybe you're autistic? Or have some rejection sensitivity disorder. Regardless, it isn't an insult, it's an accurate statement of a behavioral deformity

    It's interesting that you demand others verify things to you, yet you refuse to verify yourself. Makes it likely that you're not a "real" person at all. You could verify that easily and yet you refuse to. Something to hide?

  • YSK: is managed by tankies, and lead lemmy developer is a tankie
  • It's tolerated in different ways. Ostracization and orchestrated mass downvotes are used rather than bans. .world utilizes methods of control that are more subtle than .ml. Which is consistent with how the CIA/West exerts control compared to China.

    Our propaganda techniques and mechanisms of control are more multifaceted and less brutish and obvious - which isn't a good thing. It means that we create a veil and drape it over the eyes of our people so that they don't even realize that they are being controlled. This is the ideological state apparatus of the West that is drastically more effective than anything a socialist state has managed to create. Of course, we both have repressive state apparatuses as well, and our police are arguably more brutal than theirs (especially if you aren't white and female), but there is less need to use that when you are able to brainwash your public so effectively with subtle acts of ideological correction. And convincing them that hundreds of strangers are mad at them is a good way to minimize dissent from being articulated in the first place, as well as distractions such as typical liberal rage bait and "red team bad" distractions

  • YSK: is managed by tankies, and lead lemmy developer is a tankie
  • Yeah, I've had comments deleted and have seen others deleted that criticized Israel or that criticized Biden's support of Israel.

    So my own eyes have shown me that this is true. My own eyes have also shown me that .world is run by mods who push an agenda that conforms with the CIAs goals of domestic control over the US population. Which, if I wanted to read that midwit drivel, then I would've stayed on Reddit.

  • YSK: is managed by tankies, and lead lemmy developer is a tankie
  • How is the United States better given the entirety of its history and current oppression of the working class and minorities? We have a larger prison population than China despite having a far smaller population, and our quality of life has plummeted over the past 2 generations, whereas theirs has drastically improved over the same period

    More importantly, why does any of that offend you to hear? You're so patriotically brainwashed that you can't tolerate criticisms of the US? Why would that be in a country that is supposedly free? If you're being oppressed by American oligarchs, then you should want others to point out this oppression so that we can eventually reform our system

  • YSK: is managed by tankies, and lead lemmy developer is a tankie
  • .world is a zionist and CIA-affiliated shillstorm. It's just the US version of .ml

    Both are equally bad because the US and China are equally bad. Don't believe me? Check out the death toll of Native American genocide, transatlantic slavery, Latin american imperialism, CIA coups during the Cold War, police repression today, and current prison populations.

    Given that I have no idea why anyone would defend the United States. Unless you're brainwashed or working for the CIA

  • YSK: is managed by tankies, and lead lemmy developer is a tankie
  • The United States exterminated Native Americans and currently is a systemically racist country that murders its dissidents - see Kent State and Ferguson. It also has the largest prison population in the world.

  • Small Shift Toward Biden After Trump Verdict | We reached nearly 2,000 people who participated in previous Times/Siena polls to see if any had changed their minds.
  • They support him because they feel abandoned by the American economy and want him to return us to how things previously were - wherein a working class family could actually afford a house and pay for college and take an annual vacation.

    Not that Trump will do any of those things, and it's foolish to believe he will. But the rage and desire to destroy the American political system is very understandable.

    Socialism is the better option, but people over 50 are brainwashed against that. So fascism it is. "The bourgeoisie are their own gravediggers", etc

  • Sanders Praises $35 Cap on Inhalers Just Six Months After Probe Into 'Outrageous' Prices
  • Socialism would be if the inhaler companies were democracies that were owned by everyone who worked there, rather than dictatorships owned by a CEO.

    This isn't socialism. It's social democracy, and arguably simply social liberalism