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Google and Microsoft consume more energy than 100+ countries | Windows Central
  • Second law of thermodynamics would like to chime in, even with such a perfect nonexistent power source, waste heat is still an issue.. which you can radiate to space, which would take tremendous land use to facilitate...

    Or we use that land and capital and effort for solar power, which exists and could power practically everything in our lives, minus AI. Sounds like a win to me.

    (Also not to mention the necessity to fire up more fossils for this shit to compensate for the current lack of miracle power for their pipe dreams)

  • Antinatalism Rule
  • Must be interesting to be quite literally a thought terminating cliché, the idea keeps itself from perpetuity, but they'll be tilting at windmills for the rest of their lives

  • Never forget what they took from us...
  • Haven't tried the other two, but I would say yes if you do roguelikes. The physics and reactions are the half of it, the wandbuilding mechanics let you build some completely bizzare and powerful wands, and with a little luck can start getting a godrun fairly quick.. but you're always vulnerable.

    Highly recommend going in blind, there are a lot of secrets to find, different sidequests, etc, winning the game once is a milestone.

  • Maven Imported 1.12 Million Fediverse Posts
  • Alternatively, use a closed ecosystem susceptible to data rot and loss.

    Want to contribute to our open source project? Join our discord

    Would you want art to be unfindable because scraping for AI image generation happens? It's a solution looking for problems.

  • NAS, Home Servers, and where do I even start?
  • +1 for Proxmox, has been a fun experience as there are plenty of resources and helper scripts to get you off the ground, jellyfin was the first thing I migrated from my PC, hardware encoding may give you a bit of a tussle but nothing unsolveable. Also note Proxmox is Debian under the hood, so you may find it easy to work with. I looked into unraid, it seems great if all you're doing for the most part is storage, if you want Linux containers and virtual machines, proxmox js your bet.

    I got a small 4 bay 2U server from a friend on the cheap, 1000$ should get you relatively nice new or slightly older used hardware. Even just a PC with a nice amount of drive bays will get you started. And drives are cheap, a raid 1 setup was one of the things I did.

    In the end I'll likely get a separate NAS rack server just to segregate functions, but as of now I simply have a Proxmox LXC mounted to my NAS drives and runs samba to expose them.

    Tailscale is a nice set and forget solution for VPN access, I ended up going the route of getting an SSL certified domain and beefing up my firewall a bit. The bit I've messed with it it certainly has a learning curve greater than openvpn, but is much more hardened and versatile.

    As for pihole, I've found AdGuard Home to be just about a suitable replacement, and can be installed along openwrt, though I have a bit of an unconventional router with 512MB of RAM so YMMV

  • Books vs Show
  • There are some notable differences in events especially in season 5-6/book 6. I had watched the show first, but I would say finish book 6, then watch the show for some nice imagery for the last 3 books.

    Without spoilers: some of the characters of the books are omitted and made into (imo) stronger composite characters for the show who play slightly different roles than their book counterparts, but isn't largely consequential to the final books. It's more less your choice which medium you enjoy more, as book 1-5 and season 1-5 play out essencially the same.

  • still working

    Does anyone know what this flag means?
  • He's got it right, took me a second to parse but in a vacuum "save our children" doesn't have connotations with transgender individuals, but in our nonvacuum it lends plausible deniability as to what the true message is

    Edit: and I replied to the wrong comment lol, we're all in agreement regardless

  • Group Message Card/Dashboard?

    Hello! Home assistant has been a blast to set up, however it seems as though there's no straightforward way to handle messaging between users in the app.

    I came across a little about text_input fields which makes me think it would be possible to tinker something together, all I would like is a simple card that stores some 10 messages shared between my users without SMS and only in HA.

    If anyone else is interested I'd be happy to share a blueprint or whatever it ends up as


    OpenWRT gateway with TP-Link brand access points

    Hello, I have a grievance and need a proper solution. It seems that TP-Link's Deco mesh WiFi APs don't tag the three SSIDs to vlans (and they see no operational issue with this), and I would like to make the most use out of the "iot" network they provide to separate smart devices from my own. I could do by IP and assign static routes to such devices, but I was hoping something would be possible in router mode, though im unfamiliar with how such a structure works.

    Edit: may not matter to include I have a couple M5 units and an x60

    Any other suggestions (including other brand mesh WiFi units, most especially supporting openwrt) are appreciated


    Copilot misses the question, elaborates on topic I was speaking aloud instead.

    Was using my SO's laptop, I had been talking (not searching, or otherwise typing) about some VPN solutions for my homelab, and had the curiosity to use the new big copilot button and ask what it can do. The beginning of this context was actually me asking if it can turn off my computer for me (it cannot) and I ask this.

    Very unnerved, I hate to be so paranoid to think that it actually picked up on the context of me talking, but again: SO's laptop, so none of my technical search history to pull off of.