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Move over, Ford and Chevy: Kei trucks are pulling up as customers opt for smaller, cheaper vehicles
  • Yet you back up your claim with nothingness. Not quite sure how living in a country makes you an expert on regulations. Why didn't you add substance? The compliance department in the companies I worked for wouldn't be experts btw.

  • Move over, Ford and Chevy: Kei trucks are pulling up as customers opt for smaller, cheaper vehicles
  • You don't know the Ape? It's really everywhere in Europe.

    I haven't seen those in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany except maybe once in 5 years. Further, it's seems not comparable. In Netherlands it likely wouldn't be considered a car. It likely would fall under the max 45 kmh regulations.

  • Gay adult content creator USSRboy has been arrested in Russia
  • Ah, so you can exclude gays. And that means:

    Republicans don't by default have anything against gays.

    Because hey, every time they do everything against gays there's an excuse! There's been loads and loads of excuses over the years, but hey, they really don't have anything against gays!

    Jeez, done critical thinking would be good.

  • Dutch exit poll suggests neck and neck race between far right and center left in EU election
  • They say migrants, but mean asylum seekers. While actively encouraging as much as possible foreign workers for e.g. ASML. Asylum seekers only make up a tiny portion of the migrants. Knowledge workers however, ...

    Far right thrives on stuff like this.

  • European elections: Centre left struggles to hold back surge from right
  • Do more for the poor.

    It's really that simple.

    Netherlands had a right wing government. They messed up greatly. People voted even more right because "obviously" the previous government was actually left wing.

    Perception matters a lot for a large group of people.

    And it's funny because when certain parties make promises there interpretation differs depending if they like the party or not.

    E.g. making promises to improve things: who will pay for it? E.g. left wing is spending money they don't have, or they care too much about lazy people.

    If a right wing party makes a promise to improve things and financially it is pretty much certain it'll not work out: don't be negative, just saying that because of x/y/z.

    It's too easy to blame left wing parties for what is happening. Pretty sure there's various causes, and people often aren't logical or rational.

  • Electric Cars Are Suddenly Becoming Affordable
  • Pretty sure that they tested those hydrogen tanks for safety and they really don't cause issues. There's loads of safety systems in there.

    The biggest issue that I have with hydrogen tanks is that the hydrogen makes those tanks brittle over time. I recall that those tanks need replacing every 8 years. Again, that's due to the hydrogen, it's not due to how much it was driven.

    There is often suggestions that an EV battery doesn't last, see some comments here. Hydrogen tank issue is ignored for whatever reason.

  • Snowflake releases statement denying its systems were breached - Stack Diary
  • In the EU any bank requires customers to use 2FA. Dutch customs requires critical logistics companies to use 2FA (amongst other stuff).

    From what I recall critical companies must address likely methods to breach their security. It is highly likely that a company will get loads of attempts to check. Similarly, a critical company is expected to deal with employees leaving and ensuring their access is revoked.

    From skimming they seem to say that there isn't a breach because an account of an ex-employee was used. But that's too easy, the processes sucked. The way they got in is just one of the things that some EU regulation requires critical companies to address. Same for perhaps not forcing customers to use 2FA. That's crazy.

    The EU is usually really slow in regulating things. If they got in using a method that the EU said you had to address then it means you had ages of time and nothing was done.

    Really unresponsible. Especially as I think they seem be pretty critical part of the economy.

  • Felon Trump Just Escalated His Most Insane Lie About Biden
  • It would be great if media wasn't allowed to repeat such obvious lies. Media should be free to say what they want, but there should be consequences. If you spread lies then there should be consequences to it. And it shouldn't require a hugely expensive court case that'll get dragged on for at least a decade.

  • KDE often not sleeping when idle
  • I highly recommend list-inhibitors. Not sure if this is the one I mean, the command line seems to match to the one I use:

    This command gives a way nicer output.

    For me Firefox often prevents the system from going to idle. If some page has a video it often seems to inhibit going to idle. Firefox strangely does that even if the video is paused.

    For me and Firefox I'm often intend to do something about it. And then I don't for various reasons 😂

  • Germany to miss 2030 climate goal: experts
  • I would know, my country (Belgium) did the same

    Didn't various of your nuclear reactors need huge maintenance? As nuclear reactors get older the maintenance cost get crazy high. I remember seeing reports that said electrical grid problems could likely happen due to the age.

    Though it seems you mean more nuclear had to be built a few decades ago? That likely would be good at that time.

    But in this age, nuclear is costly if built now. Resulting in high electricity prices. That'll make a country uncompetitive.

  • Germany to miss 2030 climate goal: experts
  • Not Gen II reactors, which could be [built and running only 4-5 years after the beginning of the construction

    Pretty much every nuclear reactor that's recently been built has been crazily over budget and significantly late. It seems it is usually a decade later than planned.

    Anyway, the beginning of construction is a highly misleading timeframe. There's a long process before construction even starts. Not unique to nuclear reactors.

    I dislike nuclear reactor discussions because of similar arguments. E.g. "new technology" fixes some problem, while ignoring the drawbacks. Or when it is pointed out that the approval process can take ages there's often the "just force it through". For years I've seen people advocate for SMRs. Which turn out to be to have loads of drawbacks, yet again.

    If someone says that it'll take 15 years then the person didn't solely mean the actual construction. They mean from wanting it to having it working.

    If a city decides on a new area for homes the actual construction of those homes is just a tiny part of the whole process. If you buy such a new home there can be a huge difference to when you signed for it and when construction starts. The contract is about start until end of construction, the mortgage around it is not, at least in Netherlands.

  • How Trump's deny-everything strategy could hurt him at sentencing
  • Trumps lawyer was just not good/ rusty.

    From what was said on Meidas Touch, a defense lawyer should be fairly independent. They should direct the best strategy. In this case the "strategy" seemed to be directed by Trump. It's not just the quality of the lawyer, it's also that the lawyer let the client dictate most of the defense.

  • Trump Says Supreme Court Should Bail Him Out of Criminal Conviction
  • It's not about the daughter though. If it wasn't the daughter he would've used some other excuse to complain. It's more like the other answer, the judge doesn't do what Trump wants, so Trump will complain endlessly.

  • California sheriff quips he’s ‘changing teams,’ urges support for ‘convicted felon’ Trump
  • Interesting how often you mentioned that this person often actively does not investigate things. This due to their own reasoning being more important than the law.

    Then apparently the county is also the highest in meth. I'm guessing that again they're ignoring things (e.g. reports) because of their own reasons. Which then results in way more meth than it could be.

    If true, suggest to wonder why meth reports would be ignored...

  • Earbuds recommendations?
  • My budget is maximum $50

    There's a Dutch weather man who reviews a crazy amount of earbuds as a hobby. They're all Bluetooth ones though. I found that you get better quality for a similar price if you get a wired one.

    Anyway, recommend that you check out

    He has lists per price range, but also recommendations per usage type. E.g. I bought ones that were less affected by wind noise (during a call).