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Best Network File Sharing before a NAS
  • I have a similar setup. I have an old laptop with an SSD that puts files on my NAS. The laptop has arr setup on containers, the laptop itself is running debian, mounts from Samba NAS via fstab (be sure to have writing permissions) has been working that way for several years.
    Only direct plays, no transcoding (core 2 procesor)

  • [Weekly] What are you reading this week? [9/17/23]
  • Foundation by Isaac Asimov for the sixth time. After watching the series. It's science fiction. One of my favorite books. The concept of psycohistory is so interesting, civilization following certain paths.

  • Syncthing-friendly apps?
  • Haven't tried it, since I only sync with my PC and cloud server. But I just checked up and Librera has an option to save progress and profiles to a custom directory, so I guess that would be the way.

  • Syncthing-friendly apps?
  • These are the ones I actively use with syncthing

    • Markor - for quick note taking and todo's
    • Librera reader - ebook reader
    • Seeneva - smart comic reader
    • Voice - Audiobook player
    • Simple music player
    • KeeepassDx - also
  • So my ISP's router doesn't support changing the DNS server
  • I also did this, I feel it's better this way. Also the modem restricted me in so many ways. Now my cheap router gives me far more freedom and control. Forwarding ports, no problem. DNS change, no problem. Other SSID, no problem. A separate isolated SSID for visits, absolutely. And if a I change ISP I only have to connect the new modem and no need to change any of my devices.

  • Share your latest hobbies!
  • Yes it's better to have the services in containers or VM's.

    Beware of hosting nextcloud for family and friends, if something goes wrong you would be responsible for any lost data.

    But if you want todo so, I opened the port for it and created a DDNS pointing to my IP. I used it's easy, has instructions on how to use it.