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2024: The Year Linux Dethrones Windows on the Desktop – Are You Ready?
  • Same thing for any other software, see if you can get it running in wine, and see what the alternatives are and try them out until you find a solution you like. You need to accept there may be change, and may need to experiment and hit up Google to find solutions, but solutions do exist.

    From a quick Google search, i found about 4/5 potential open source options

    FreeCAD would probably be what I try first, but it's hardly the only option and seen some people complain that it feels archaic (but it's FOSS). I've also seen draftsight recommended a few times, and it has a free trial but is not free.

    Also apparently fusion360 has a web interface that may be usable.

  • himbos
  • I think its more the first line of defense, they are not there to kill, they are there to basically state I don't want you here without provoking a lethal response from whoever is encroaching on them. It causes a lot less death of their males since they are known that they are not a threat, reducing the overall attrition of them over time and making life easier on the hive. The females with the stingers come out if something is a real threat, ie something messes with the hive or queen.

    Honestly, kinda reminds me of British (and other non-militarized) police. Don't send guns to every problem as most can be solved without it and some are made worse by their presence.

  • What's your hottest character idea that you didn't get to play (long enough)?
  • Reborn tabaxi artificer armorer with a mechanically different though RP similar "living armor". The living armor is the reason i was "reborn" as its keeping me alive longer but the curse of the living armor is of divine nature as i stole it from an evil cult, so removing it required a monumental effort (high level NPCs basically didnt exist).

    The character reached an actual satisfying conclusion as there was an "enlightenment" challenge we managed to find that was heavily skill based and artificers are obscenely good at skill challenges (dm also liked tool checks where relevant, and was lenient with the skill training rules, reborn helped too, resulted in being able to roll d20+stat+prof*expertise+int+guidance(d4)+reborn(d6) on checks i needed to push). The enlightenment ultimately lead to access to enough divine power to break both the curse of the armor and of my undeath.

    Ultimately though, despite how fun the RP around it was, it was one of my more OP characters considering how much it trivialized skill checks which that DM really loved.

    I tried and failed to tone it down with my next character, which thanks to party dynamic became the single most OP BS i ever made even if it wasnt crazy good alone. Wanted to make a magic infiltrator and went with changeling + aberrant mind sorcerer. Ended up getting a shadowfell shard too. Mindsliver leading to a subtle quickened shadowfell shard boosted CC spell (fav was psychic lance since it wasnt concentration and almost nothing is immune to incapacitated, though hold person, and hypnotic pattern, and the like were also thrown frequently too) was an obscenely powerful combo, and since another new player made a DPS rogue+gloomstalker build, the only way for anything to have any chance of living is lots of legendary resistance and an obscene health pool. This was also a crazy fun build, that the power of it ended up being its downfall as everything we fought ended up being several CR higher than anyone of our level had any right to tangle with. (also yes, i know you can't normally subtle + quicken, read the Psionic Sorcery power of aberrant sorcerers)

  • Windows 11 vs Linux supported HW
  • As much as i dislike google, chromebooks are perfect for anyone tech illiterate that just need a simple web browser that works. Every family member I've recommended a chromebook to has not needed additional tech support for it, which IMO, is a truly impressive accomplishment on google's behalf.

  • Down up left down up right up... crap!
  • honestly, i really wish eagle or orbitals could hurt the damn gunships. Id totally bring an air superiority eagle strategem to high diff automaton mission. They really suck when you dont have one of the like 2 primary weapons that can hurt the bastards, and your support weapon is currently swarmed by a trio of gunships.

  • Elon Musk’s X botched an attempt to replace “” links with “”
  • From what I can tell, that's more or less what happened and what introduced the vulnerability, someone could make an illicit site called something like, and post it as Basically they feed on real/safe websites that had Twitter in their name, and make an illicit version with x instead and the change would redirect them to the illicit version

  • What everyone really wants this Christmas.
  • I've played 2 campaigns that went from 1 to 20, both became a chore late game just trying to keep track of all the items and threads. IMO, a game should stay bound to 2 tiers at most (the tiers being 1-4, 5-10, 11-16, and 17-20), going from peasant to world ender is just too much baggage. Maybe 3 tiers if you do want a complex and difficult to manage, but still possible to manage end game.

    Extra credit here being that you are a shit load more likely to actually complete the story you want to tell

  • Survive the zombie apocalypse
  • Most body armor is good for 1 strike. Kevlar thread break, ceramic breaks, and you really don't want to use dented armor, best case it's a weak point, worst case is pushing in your chest cavity preventing you from breathing. Any body armor that is remotely mobile is effectively one time use. Now admitted (normally) used body armor can still provide some protection and can be better than nothing (except in situations where the damage impacts you, ie the plate metal being dented and pushing into your chest). And some can be repaired or replaced with the right materials and tools, but those are heavy, and take space

  • Steam Linux Marketshare Surges To Nearly 2% In November
  • I was digging around on the steam hardware survey and it does list steam deck separately if you tell the hardware survey to only show you Linux, and it is ~5.5x more popular that arch, and also reports that arch and Ubuntu are similar, leading me to believe the steam deck is fully excluded from the default combined view.

    If you take that x5.5 and use it to extrapolate, steam decks should have about 0.82% market share

  • Market shar(ul)e
  • Even for games only released for Windows, with proton most of them work, its games with hardware tied intrusive DRM that are most of the ones that have any issue, and honestly, I have no issue boycotting that shit

  • Naming Torrents
  • The problem is really that space is an argument separator, so to safely handle filenames with spaces you need to handle them special, either by escaping them, quoting the entire thing. This means that the filename with spaces can't be just copy pasted wherever you want, you have handle them special. It adds complications that are resolved by just using a separator that isnt used for other things, like underscore, or dash. Dot I also don't like as much as it's used as a separator for extensions, but that's a far easier problem to handle by just ignoring all but the last dot, leaving only one really bad edge case (a file that does not have an extension, that uses dot separator in its filename having the filesystem imply a wrong extension.