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Even Apple finally admits that 8GB RAM isn't enough
  • The whole thread is just nonsense though. People went from “Apple restricts local LLM inference in Xcode development to 16GB” to “Apple admits 8GB is useless” and a lot of people who never researched anything about the problems of the traditional memory architecture criticizing the unified memory model without understanding it.

  • Even Apple finally admits that 8GB RAM isn't enough
  • In this particular case the RAM is part of the chip as an attempt to squeeze more performance. Nowadays, processors have become too fast but it’s useless if the rest of the components don’t catch up. The traditional memory architecture has become a bottleneck the same way HDDs were before the introduction of SSDs.

    You’ll see this same trend extend to Windows laptops as they shift to Snapdragon processors too.

  • Even Apple finally admits that 8GB RAM isn't enough
  • It doesn’t have to become waste, it can be sold to someone that doesn’t need more.

    And unfortunately this seems to be the future with the shift to ARM, even Windows laptops won’t be upgradable with the new unified memory architecture of Snapdragon chips.

  • YouTube Seems to Be Cracking Down on a VPN-Powered Discount
  • YouTube hasn’t gone down that route yet.

    And if they ever do, I’m sure at least 90% of premium users will cancel immediately. I like the quality of the curated channels I subscribe, but I won’t die if I don’t watch YouTube anymore. In the end it’s just the same type of content that could be a blog just as well, but unfortunately most people nowadays don’t read anymore.

  • YouTube Seems to Be Cracking Down on a VPN-Powered Discount
  • The creator is already compensated as of now. They earn more if a premium user watches their video than a free user with YouTube ads.

    So the sponsor is giving them more money regardless of whether the user is premium or not, which for them is probably a good deal but for us it feels like being double charged.

  • OpenAI and Anthropic are ignoring an established rule that prevents bots scraping online content
  • It’s just how machine learning has been since ever.

    We only know the model’s behavior by testing, hence we only know more or less the behavior in relation to the amount of testing that was done. But the model internals has always been a black box of numbers that individually mean nothing and if tracked which neurons fire here and there it’ll appear just random, because it probably is.

    Remember the machine learning models aren’t carefully designed, they’re just brute-force trained for a long time and have the numbers adjusted again and again whenever the results look closer or further away from the desired output.

  • The Distribution of Users’ Computer Skills: Worse Than You Think (2016)
  • But the thing with users is that their learning depends on their motivation. Just like we all, they don’t care about something until it becomes an inconvenience and then there’s a reason to learn.

    So as long as there are resources to learn when you need it, I don’t think that’s a problem.

    But it is unreasonable to expect the average users to care about what the file structure should be when current computers can search through anything in 1 second and they think it’s good enough.

  • The Distribution of Users’ Computer Skills: Worse Than You Think (2016)
  • I’ve been reading the book “A Small Matter of Programming” which discusses a bit end users relationships with computers.

    I think people who are into computers get surprised to know most people just don’t care about how computers work and they shouldn’t have to. They want software that is easy to use and allows them to complete their task. Ex: a spreadsheet is an incredibly powerful software that hides anything about how computers work but still allow users to create multiple different “apps” by effectively programming.

    This is one reason Apple is so successful and a lot of tech users don’t understand it. Apple creates “abstractions” so that end users don’t have to deal with low level details — something they don’t want to. They want to see the machine as a black box that just provides them some service easily and smoothly.

    Most of the “decaying” tech skills people say are actually stuff people don’t need to know nowadays. Everything is an abstraction anyway, and most people tinkering with desktop computers aren’t aware of how the graphics software is rendering the screen, for example.

  • Elon Musk threatens to ban Apple devices from his companies over OpenAI partnership
  • Is that even a battle worth fighting at this point?

    I think they all know the safest option is to leverage Android’s ecosystem and add your own extras to it. Starting from scratch is like 90% chance of wasting lots of money and have no profit at all.

    That’s why these massive projects aren’t usually started by companies, but by passionate individuals or orgs. They require a different incentive than the next quarter earnings.

  • Vision Pro Has a Speed Limit: New Details on Apple Headset

    We’re learning more about Apple’s upcoming headset as developers get to tinker with apps and programming for Vision Pro.


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