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Randy Feltface Writes a Novel


If hot air rises, why is it colder at the top of a mountain?


How long until I can 3D print a 2D printer?


Am I a noob for not being able to find and replace /n?

When I copy some long string like json from a debugger, and want to look at it properly formatted it starts off encoded with /n and /t characters, etc.

I usually go:

  • Replace (Normal) /n -> qqqq
  • Replace (Extended) qqqq -> /n

Is there some trick to do this in one step?


After 6 hours


Australian start-up launches new 5.12kWh home battery Australian start-up launches new home battery - One Step Off The Grid

Australian start-up launches its first dedicated small-scale residential battery, a 48V 5.12kWh battery that can be easily stacked to increase capacity.

Australian start-up launches new home battery - One Step Off The Grid

Elegoo Saturn burnt out LEDs - where can I get a replacement?

Had a long series of failed prints, tried levelling, replacing parts, nothing worked.

Finally by chance I noticed that the LED matrix had burnt out/broken LEDs.

But where can I get a replacement? Can you do one module at a time or do I need a whole new unit?


Ukraine Has Caught Up With Russia’s Tank Numbers

Australian Politics badcommandorfilename

Genex switches on 50MW/100MWh battery storage near Rockhampton Genex switches on its first big battery project on time and on budget

Genex says its first big battery is now energised, and will be up and running in time for the summer peak.


Zero downtime migration options with AWS RDS

Usual story - joined a startup and their production database is a single instance RDS running 11.3.

We can't upgrade or scale or even change configuration without taking the database offline. We want to move everything to an Aurora Postgres compatible cluster that can scale horizontally.

What options do we have? I've used Bucardo in the past to do one-way sync, but how is it at multi-master replication? What would you use for this task?

0 Huge 374 tonne machine travels 900km to join NSW renewable super highway

The 374 tonne piece of kit required a 128 wheel trailer built in France and a 900km journey to move it from Port Adelaide to Buronga in NSW.


Escalation Strategy & Aid in Ukraine - How the West manages Russian nuclear threats and 'red lines'


Ministry demands meeting with ABC boss over job cuts


2010 X1 replacement intercooler connection, how much should it cost?

Hi, the other day our 2010 M1 xDrive diesel made a loud pop - sounded like a backfire - and the "reduced engine capacity" warning came up on the console. Car still drives, but it has way less power.

Someone suggested it could be the intercooler connection to the turbo. Has anyone else had this happen, and how expensive is it to replace?


Government Site to Find Better Energy Plans Energy Made Easy

Energy Made Easy is a free Australian Government energy price comparison service for households and small businesses in NSW, QLD, SA, Tas and the ACT.

2 Multiple people killed in Hunter Valley bus tragedy

Police say as many as 10 people have died after a coach carrying wedding guests rolled off the road near Greta in the Hunter Valley.