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What is DNC is working with RNC

What if we find out one day, it was all an organized game, to screw over the citizens?


If we can ban trans medical procedures, why haven't we banned circumcision?

Was just talking at dinner with family, and it seems a logical action to ban circumcision, as in most cases, doesn't have consent, and is a major (genitals are important) body modification. Can we ban it at the state level? Just a thought.


Lemmy posts redundant

Like half of posts have headline that gets repeated in mid summary and then longer summary below. I've posted this protest, but admins didn't like. Where is best place to affect change?


Portland officials are aiming to scale back a proposal from the city’s Police Accountability Commission to create a tougher, voter-approved police oversight board that would independently investigate and discipline officers accused of misconduct.


Mr Hankey strike again


roasting teammates


Young Mr. Palidin