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Trump Fumbles Repeatedly in Terrifying Speech at Florida Rally
  • Sure, convince the DNC that a progressive should be on their ballot, so we can vote for them and not waste it instead of senile men fighting for scraps.

    The system needs to be gently brought to its knees before we can remove its head.

  • [Solved] How do I get rid of my dead name in iPadOS settings?
  • It could also be, perhaps, someone's given name before adoption gave them a new one. Or perhaps a meddling relative suggested a "better" name, and then the person went back to the one they were born with, leaving the relative's name idea dead.

    It's not trans-exclusive (I fall into the latter category I mentioned) but it's definitely a mostly trans concept

  • Spamming, by the tankie definition: "Posting something once, but it's something I dislike >:( "
  • There are two genocides occurring in Israel/Palestine. IDF against the Palestinian people, Hamas against the Israeli people. The only morally correct position is to be against both, correct? And to support the non-combatant civilians on both sides?

  • The Pokémon Shuffle Iceberg

    Almost all of these, with one exception, are real pieces of information about this quirky little 3DS / Mobile puzzle game.