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Flathub has passed 2 billion downloads
  • For me on Arch, Flatpaks are kinda useless. I can maybe see the appeal for other distros but Arch already has up-to-date versions of everything and anything that's missing from the main repos is in the AUR.

    I also don't like how it's a separate package manager, they take up more space, and to run things from the CLI it's flatpak run instead of just something. It's super cumbersome compared to using normal packages.

  • low effort maymay
  • Same here. Switched to Arch in 2015 so I am also coming up on the 9 year mark. I have had very few issues, and the ones I have had were usually my fault for doing something stupid. I used Windows, OS X, and Ubuntu previously and compared to those Arch is a dream. Hence why I've stuck with it for so long now.

  • Elden Ring – Patch Notes Version 1.12
  • No it works perfectly fine with a mod for uncapped FPS

  • Don't make a mistake in choosing a distro
  • Obviously you've never used Arch btw. We live for the sudo pacman -Syu.

  • Google, Cloudflare & Cisco Will Poison DNS to Stop Piracy Block Circumvention * TorrentFreak
  • I pretty much never reboot the Pi. It currently has over 18 months of uptime on it. My NAS on the other hand I probably restart for one reason or another maybe once every 6 months. So yeah I'd say I reboot it minimum 3x more often.

    Plus a reboot takes much longer on my NAS than on the Pi. The server board is slow to start, the SAS cards are slow to start, and unRAID is slow to start. Then I need to manually enter the password for disk encryption. Then wait for the array to start up. Then wait a bit more for the docker containers to start. Add all of that up and even the absolute fastest reboot is like 10 minutes while the Pi probably takes 30 seconds.

    And what if I want to swap hard drives? Now it's down for an hour. I guess I could wait until 3am to do all my upgrades so everyone is asleep, but I'd rather not. I suppose if it were just for myself it would matter a lot less. But again, it's only $15 to not have to think about it at all.

  • What is your BG3 unpopular opinion?
  • You can tell Act 3 had the least amount of polish put into it. Act 1 and 2 feel very carefully and intentionally designed. You can tell they planned everything out. Act 3 feels like it was rushed and they had to make a lot of compromises.

    The pacing is the most obvious thing but there's also stuff like why is Gortash, the literal ruler of the city, being sworn into power in a random fort in the lower city instead of you know... the actual castle?

  • Google, Cloudflare & Cisco Will Poison DNS to Stop Piracy Block Circumvention * TorrentFreak
  • I used to do that, but it comes with the problem of your DNS going down any time you want to restart or do a hardware swap on your NAS. Or since it was running in docker something as simple as reloading docker would knock out the internet for a few minutes. It's worth the $15 to have them operate separately.

  • Google, Cloudflare & Cisco Will Poison DNS to Stop Piracy Block Circumvention * TorrentFreak
  • $80? I run mine on a Pi Zero that I got for $9 with a $6 wired network adapter for a grand total of $15. No problems for a household of five with one of us (me) being an extremely heavy user.

  • Many such cases
  • Yes it's an exaggeration but it's not far off. The one for $290 is the aforementioned AOC.

    This isn't a perfect list but pcpartpicker only has 15 monitors with HDR1000 or higher with one being a duplicate so it's actually 14. If you remove the HDR filters there's 773 monitors.

    That means only 14 out of 773 monitors support HDR properly. And that doesn't even mean they're good, just that they support it.

    And oops I should have specified 27 inches or under, that is my bad. 27 inches is what I was shopping for recently. Personally I actually prefer 24 inches but they pretty much stopped making good 24 inch ones.

  • Many such cases
  • Yep I don't even play that many games but I watch a lot of movies/TV. HDR works great in mpv. Couple of tweaks in your mpv.conf and you're off to the races.

  • Many such cases
  • Yeah there are like 5 monitors with full array local dimming, most being $500+ except for that one AOC. And OLEDs are still $700+ and have burn-in after a year of desktop use.

  • Many such cases
  • It works in Elden Ring and Baldur's Gate 3 for me. Haven't tried anything else.

  • T-Mobile users thought they had a lifetime price lock—guess what happened next
  • I work from home and never call anyone so on Tello I pay $6/mo for 100 minutes + 1GB of data that pretty much functions as a 2FA delivery system.

  • SponsorBlock (and DeArrow): "YouTube is currently experimenting with server-si…" - Fosstodon
  • I have actually been seeing some timestamps that are completely wrong lately, maybe this is why.

  • New dishwasher video drop
  • I've never had a job where we celebrate Shitty Ass Day. What's that like?

  • For free for 11.99$
  • You are looking for S0und

  • Music - Self-Host - how to start / what's your stack?
  • I also use the Jellyfin+Symfonium combo. There is also Finamp as the free and open source option. And Feishin on desktop.

  • Linux really has come a long way
  • Oh if you have it set to sRGB mode then they should be accurate enough. That means it's something else. My previous monitor also had a green tint in HDR and that was just because that monitor's HDR was awful. If you want to check if it's the monitor itself, you could try it with Windows or attach a Roku/Chromecast/Firestick type device that can output HDR. If it's still green it's the monitor's fault and if it looks fine then it's Plasma's fault.

    And yeah plenty of monitors have "some HDR support" it's just not real HDR unless it gets bright enough (and dark enough). The whole point of having a High Dynamic Range is that the range is well... high. Black should be black and extremely bright things should be extremely bright. A lot of monitors advertise "HDR400" or "HDR600" but don't have local dimming and only go to like 450 nits. At that level it's barely going to look different from SDR which a lot of people run at 300-400 nits anyway. The overall range of brightness is around 0.2-450 when it should be 0-1000. That 0.2 doesn't seem like a lot but if you've ever seen a completely black image in a dark room you know how not-black that is. Which is why OLED and local dimming are so important for HDR.

  • Linux really has come a long way
  • I also tried running a game in game scope with HDR enabled, experimenting with options and env cars I found online, but it just didn't work.

    To be fair I don't play a lot of games so I have only used HDR in Baldur's Gate 3 and Elden Ring but it worked perfectly in both so I am 2 for 2.

    An extra annoyance is the fact that the LDR colors are quite off with HDR enabled on Plasma. I suspect this is the fault of the display or configuration, but it's still something I'd have to spend time researching and fixing, only to barely get any use out of it.

    Plasma is supposed to be able to display SDR content correctly while HDR is enabled (which Windows 10 can't even do) but I can't actually test that properly because my monitor doesn't allow you to disable local dimming while in HDR mode so desktop stuff is completely unusable anyway. But if it doesn't look right it is probably something you can fix in your monitor's OSD.

    I actually suspect the colors are correct and your normal colors are the incorrect ones. If your monitor has a wider gamut than sRGB you need to either A) set it to sRGB mode or B) use a calibrated ICC profile. If you aren't doing one of those then all of your colors are oversaturated. When you switch into HDR they are correct but it looks dull in comparison because you're used to them being wrong. It's a pretty common thing people experience on Windows as well. Not a lot of people realize their colors are horribly inaccurate by default.

    Also, most people only turn HDR on when it's needed. You can add a keybind for it in Plasma's shortcut settings. The commands are kscreen-doctor output.1.hdr.enable and kscreen-doctor output.1.hdr.disable. You may need to change the output number to the correct one.

    I haven't tried setting up steam itself in gamescope, but wouldn't it be limited to one window then?

    Yep. I don't like it honestly. It's just an option if you want to set it up once rather than on a per-game basis.

    but I feel like there's a lot of people who will just pay up for a good screen that includes HDR

    That's the thing, even if you pay up there aren't actually any "good" HDR monitors. At least not in the same way as there are good HDR TVs. That's why some people use 48 inch TVs as monitors instead of actual monitors. There's a few monitors that are "good enough" but I wouldn't call any of them "good" right now. I am one of those people who considers anything below HDR1000 to not be real HDR. If you look at the monitor table, out of 317 monitors they've reviewed only TWO of them actually hit the 1000 nits of real scene brightness needed for HDR1000. And both are miniLED with local dimming which have haloing and blooming because there's not enough dimming zones.

    I have a feeling that by the time genuinely "good" HDR monitors exist (maybe 2-3 more years) that will be enough time for Linux programs to seamlessly support it instead of requiring launch arguments.