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Internet forums are disappearing because now it's all Reddit and Discord. And that's worrying.
  • I've used OCLP, and I didn't even realize they largely switched to Discord. That explains why finding some info was such a PITA when I was playing around with it.

    I will never understand why people choose to use Discord as a forum replacement. It's just such an awful platform for that.

  • Portable convenience [The Square Comics]
  • Seconding this. My company issued me a MacBook and I was really surprised by how well the touchpad worked, and how smoothly gestures work with it. For as much hate as Apple gets, a lot really Just Werks™. Windows and KDE (Wayland) (I haven't tested other DEs) are certainly improving, but they're still nowhere near as smooth as what MacOS has had for a pretty long time now.

    The crazy thing is that I've hackintoshed a ThinkPad T430 and T480, both with full gesture support (but no force touch, though to be fair I don't use that anyway). In both cases, using their touchpads on MacOS was much better than on Windows or KDE. Though some touchpads aren't that great to begin with (like, the one on the T430 is pretty small), it's crazy how much of a difference good software can make to how they feel to use.

  • Ocasio-Cortez: State of US health care is ‘barbarism’
  • She was born October 13th, 1989. That means she'll be 35 by the time of the election in November, not to mention before the inauguration in January (the date that actually matters). So, she's definitely eligible.

  • Speed
  • 5 meters is definitely way too short for the chair swing ride. Look at the people in the seats. It's definitely at least 10 meters.

    Assuming 10 meters and 100 km/h, that gives about 7.9 g. That's in the range of what fighter pilots might experience and well beyond where most people black out, so that's still definitely too high.

    Looking it up online, this is a pretty classic physics problem and the numbers you might see around it are closer to a radius of 12 meters and a speed of 13 to 17 m/s. Taking that as 15 m/s (54 km/h), that works out to about 1.9 g, which I can subjectively say feels much closer to the real value if you ever ride on one of these.

    So, the second one is about 1.9 g

  • Proton picks up Standard Notes to deepen its pro-privacy portfolio
  • It's not reasonable to assume that most people are going to self-host, or even how to go about doing that if they wanted to, but people still deserve a right to privacy and products that support that. I think that's what they were trying to say

  • I was approached in public for being clocked as trans
  • Just gotta say: as someone who grew up going to a Unitarian Universalist fellowship, "cool" is just such an understatement. I stopped going as a teen, but they're an incredibly warm, open, and accepting bunch. I hope you'll end up near a UU fellowship sometime. They're such a great (albeit quirky at times) group of people.

    For anyone who doesn't know about UUs: It's kinda a weird decentralized meta-religion whose whole thing is basically just accepting that we all have different experiences in life. Their idea of "religious education"/Sunday school is more or less "here's what a handful of major world religions believe, now go find what works for you and make sure to respect what works for others too". You'll find monotheists, polytheists, and atheists under one roof. I know it sounds like that would work, but it works surprisingly well. It isn't about what you believe, so much as how you go about it.

  • Elder scrolls
  • I recently had a complaint with a website:

    "Users are having trouble scrolling!"

    My response:

    "Are they using the scroll wheel/directly scrolling with the touchpad, or using the scroll bar?"

    They were, of course, using the scroll bar. I am now somehow responsible for design choices made at the level of the browser, because browsers have decided that the scroll bar should be nigh impossible to use. Yippee.