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Autonomous User

With anti-libre software, we are not users, we are used.

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Lemmy is libre software. Don't want to get abused? Keep Lemmy libre.

Lemmy is software anyone can develop and everyone controls, libre software, which makes it very hard for Lemmy to abuse us. To keep it this way, share the ideas of software freedom.

  1. Always check its software license: always check it is libre software (video guide here).
  2. Also avoid service as a software substitute.
  3. Libre software plus decentralisation [federation or peer-to-peer] is ideal.
  4. Remember, 'open source' misses the point.

If we focus on warning against individual apps, we must repeat our time and effort everytime new malware appears. So, target a common property: its software license.

With proprietary software, we are not the user, we are the used.

Lemmy Support Autonomous User

Where do people having trouble signing up get support?


Let's leave Discord too

Discord blocks 3rd-party apps. Discord is not libre software.