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Why don’t you like Apple?
  • I mean, I wouldn’t expect to have custom Linux ROMs for an iPad. For an Android device, which is already Linux based, that would make sense. But it wouldn’t surprise me if the newer iPads had builds for them since they’re built on the same processor as the MacBooks

  • Jewish students told "go back to Poland" at campus rallies
  • I really want to agree with you, but I know several (especially older) people who are very intelligent but only get their news through mainstream media, and not just Fox News. These folks are convinced we’re seeing a resurgence of neo-Nazis on college campuses because that’s how every major news outlet, conservative or liberal, is reporting on them.

  • Why don’t you like Apple?
  • It depends on the chipset. The big changes in chipset have been the big barriers for Mac upgradability. My father ran a 10 year old MacBook that was still running the latest MacOS until he found that his 4GB of RAM wasn’t going to be enough and bought a new one (without talking to me first). I had a PPC MacBook that ran on the latest MacOS for about 6 years after Apple switched to Intel.

  • Why don’t you like Apple?
  • They don’t, actually. They only sell anonymized statistics and don’t allow advertisers to choose who they advertise to. As a result, they can’t charge as much for advertising. So they are actively taking less money to better protect your information in that respect.

  • Jewish students told "go back to Poland" at campus rallies
  • Just to be clear, they follow 1 random Jewish student who says they “felt threatened” because they saw a swastika “on or around campus”. They then talk to another student who is the leader of a pro-Israel student group. They don’t talk to any of the people actually at the encampments. They don’t talk to any pro-Palestinian students. They take these 2 Jewish students word at face value. There’s no studies cited, and no other evidence offered.

    This story is part of a larger media narrative to paint anything that is supporting Palestine or is critical of Israel as antisemitism. It accepts pro-Israel talking points as fact with little or no actual investigation into whether anything said is actually true.

  • White Dad Apologized to the Black Superintendent He Pushed On Stage, But It Didn't Go As He Expected
  • He claims that she was. And he claims that she did “the same thing her bullies did”. But we don’t have any other details. Assuming good intent on the part of the administration (in this case, specifically the principal), I would guess that she was actually the instigator. I mean, it could also be that they were athletes or other stuff that can happen in a small district. But given the actions of her father and the observation that the nut doesn’t usually fall far from the tree, I’m guessing she’s the cause.

  • White Dad Apologized to the Black Superintendent He Pushed On Stage, But It Didn't Go As He Expected
  • I agree that the super might have been a jerk. But one of those other people on stage was the principal, who would have been far more responsible for day-to-day operations of the school. In most districts, an expulsion is recommended by the principal then rubber-stamped by the superintendent. Hell, in some districts the school board has to approve any expulsion.

    So while I have no doubt there might have been some animosity between the father and the super, if that was seriously his grievance then he should have gone after the principal first. You know, the one that recommended the expulsion for his daughter and not “her bullies”.

  • White Dad Apologized to the Black Superintendent He Pushed On Stage, But It Didn't Go As He Expected
  • Evidently during a board meeting they were discussing the bullying of his daughter, and the superintendent “rolled his eyes” to something he said.

    That’s it. That’s the supposed “beef” the guy had. Like it’s not even a good excuse.

  • White Dad Apologized to the Black Superintendent He Pushed On Stage, But It Didn't Go As He Expected
  • There’s 2 possible explanations here: he’s got deep-seated mental issues that lead to him interrupting the graduation ceremony of hundreds of students by aggressively pursuing a person who “rolled his eyes” at his daughter, or, and more likely in my opinion, he’s a blatant racist making excuses for his racist behavior in his town where half the boys of a graduating class took a picture in front of the school doing a Nazi salute.

    Either way, the man needs therapy

  • Just a reminder
  • Boy this rhetoric sounds familiar. “Democracy is under attack by Republicans”. Oh right, it’s the exact same goddamn thing Democrats have been saying for the last 15 years. And yet even though they’ve been in power a significant part of that time, somehow we keep inching towards fascism.

    At some point you realize that the only real question is do we want fascism next week, or do we want fascism next month? And while I agree that voting for Drumpf is a much worse choice for the country, maybe if Democrats actually did stuff to make every day citizens lives better then maybe it really wouldn’t be much of an argument.

  • Can we defederate from

    I’m not sure what’s going on over there, but half the time I see a post from there or go into a comment section and it’s just…bad. Like old reddit the_donald bad. Constant trolling, etc. You TS just really bad vibes. I’ve been blocking the communities as they come up, but I’m not sure what else I can do.