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Seen this countless times
  • I want to go pick a fight with openSuse forums because the installer failed 3 times in different ways. I changed it up to different releases, Leap, etc... Never had issues like that with any other distro.

  • What is your exotic pet?

    I want to hear from the people with pets like centipedes, prarie dogs, alligators, scorpions, vultures, octupus... What is taking care of your pet like?


    What's 1 thing you would want to change?

    Personally, I would have athletes and teachers swap salaries.


    Xenonauts 2 is already out!

    I:m sooo excited to get home and play! It's currently 25% off on Steam (30 USD).

    P.S. if the game does not offer multiplayer, can a kind modder please add that? Human VS Aliens, Human VS Human, Aliens VS Aliens. Thanks!


    What do you all think about Roman sandals?

    Specifically the military sandals with metal studs on the bottom to maintain grip on muddy soil.