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GM claims its new Chevy Bolt EV will be the most affordable on the market by 2025
  • Dealbreaker for me. Such a shame because I’m in the market for a small hatchback-like EV, being a sonic owner and all.

  • Laptop Recommendation for Light Gaming
  • In that case, count my recommendation as a framework. I loved my 13” 11th gen (I was in wave 3 initial ordering) when I was using it mostly daily. The battery was not great but did improve over the first year as BIOS updates rolled out. I retired that machine as a laptop by 3D printing their mainboard case and jamming all the internals inside. Currently using it as a network appliance but the case I printed did not have room for the battery. I’m gonna do that later so it has its own “UPS” so to speak. For now it’s on my makeshift stack of machines that I call a homelab and it powers several network services and runs Debian. I did not run Linux on it while it was a laptop however so I’m not able to provide data on its hibernation/sleep reliability or WiFi/ battery performance.

  • Laptop Recommendation for Light Gaming
  • Would a Steam Deck be a viable option? Built for gaming, functions well when using a dock (the official one is really nice).

  • Have you ever bough an external hardrive only to take the disk out of it?
  • Yes. It’s a viable way to save money if you use a site like

  • Have you ever bough an external hardrive only to take the disk out of it?
  • Yes. It’s a viable way to save money if you use a site like

  • A burger being "100% Beef" is not a good thing
  • I love a good meatloaf sandwich. Take a couple slices from meatloaf dinner and put em in the fridge overnight. Next day pull out a frying pan on high and throw those suckers on. Get a good crispy sear on each side and make sure it’s heated through. If it’s too dried out, learn to make better meatloaf first but also give it a steaming with a splash of water and a lid. Throw it on a warmed bun with whatever toppings. Classic American meatloaf goes well with ketchup or steak sauce. Can even add grilled onions or bacon.

  • Massive explosion rocks SpaceX Texas facility, Starship engine in flames
  • Yeah anyone following space YouTube has seen this a dozen times already and knows that it was a deflagration likely due to busted lines and not a detonation. The test stand is likely undamaged (In anysignificant way at least) and it was just an engine test of likely raptor 2 design. This has nothing to do with IFT4 or starbase as far as we can tell.

  • Greater Idaho movement: 13 counties in eastern Oregon have voted to secede and join Idaho
  • Let eastern Washington split off too and call them East and West Cascadia.

  • Teen rapper accidentally kills himself on social media video after pointing gun at his head and pulling trigger
  • Yeah my dad just removed all the firing pins. Worked well.

  • Hearing is be-leafing: Students invent quieter leaf blower
  • Too bad these innovations wont make it down to the workers that stores hire from 11pm to 3am to clean the store parking lot across from me.

  • You can't handle my strongest potion traveller!
  • I prefer the soundtrack version of this classic.

  • I think I just nuked my home partition
  • Right, well testdisk has worked wonders in the past for me. It might worth a try especially if this is a spinning rust drive. It has helped me recover broken partitions and lost files so if you know where you’re looking you just might have a chance. I’m no expert but it seems like one of your last options with all the info provided. Best of luck!

  • Sleep does not help brain wash out toxins, study suggests
  • Considering heart rate and blood pressure is usually lowest during sleep, that would be a reasonable hypothesis. But admittedly it makes as much sense as the current common explanation of brain cleaning during sleep.

  • I think I just nuked my home partition
  • What are the chances the header is stored in the partition map? Could you use testdisk to try and recover the old partition map and its data?

  • Taking your ideas for my next linux app
  • screen2gif. Peek is really good on the capturing side but it lacks all the editing tools like resizing, changing speed of each frame, removing specific or ranges of frames, inserting frames, drawing on frames, and of course exporting in different formats with very good compression options. I really miss being able to fine tune my gifs without having to open multiple tools or scripts.

  • Helldivers 2 community manager says internal discussions are ongoing regarding mandatory PSN account link
  • Just search “Sony Rootkit” and it should be more clear why Sony issuing a new kernel level anticheat is not met with warm regards.

  • UK Government Response to the Stop Killing Games Petition
  • That last statement seams a bit misguided. The without government regulation, cars wouldn’t have such long parts and repair support. Why shouldn’t video games and other products be treated the same?

  • CAD Software Suggestion
  • Yup, it really depends on if you want to specifically get experience with CAD or have a working thing in your hand. Blender is perfectly capable of working in scale and is how I’ve designed / printed anything custom with perfect results.

  • GNU nano 8.0 Released with New Options and Various Improvements
  • same, likely switching back after a few good years with micro.

  • What app do you use for /kbin browsing?

    What app do you use for /kbin browsing?

    Currently using a webapp from the website saved to my Home Screen on iOS. It works pretty great actually, but it’s got some quirks. Mainly, it’s not really tuned for the phone screen, not well enough at least. It also lacks niceties like easily previewing image and video posts, as well as saving them. Coming from Apollo, saving media to my phone in a specific folder is sorely missed.