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Fascism is Capitalism in Decay
  • That's true, however Tesla's relevance in that market has really dwindled:

    Tesla gross profit for the quarter ending March 31, 2024 was $3.696B, a 18.07% decline year-over-year. Tesla gross profit for the twelve months ending March 31, 2024 was $16.845B, a 15.37% decline year-over-year. Tesla annual gross profit for 2023 was $17.66B, a 15.31% decline from 2022.

    the global satellite market was $4.23B last year

    The thing is SpaceX and Starlink have weathered the Elon Musk storm. Starlink was predicted to make $6.6B in revs of, as you said, a market that is currently much smaller. Sure, it's not profit and firing things into space isn't cheap (nor desirable and should be legislated against). However, they're filling the niche and as EV manufacture ramps up, and with Tesla's image tainted, I do think Musk (and those around him) will be looking a bit more towards the steady government money.

  • Fascism is Capitalism in Decay
  • I think you really need to ask yourself why you’re willing to either lie or be so easily manipulated

    Totally unnecessary. You're comparing a publicly traded company running on memes and a strange cult of personality to private valuation.

    Now that China and other domestic competitors have ramped up EV production Tesla's dominance of the niche is going to fall, especially considering the flop that was the Cybertruck and the brand damage Elon has committed.

    We are already seeing protectionist measures being enacted for the EV sector.

    In short, SpaceX and Starlink have a market to dominate (whether we want it to or not, it seems) while Tesla, a grossly overvalued company, is only going to see more competition and deepened irrelevancy.

  • Got no time to code
  • I actually tried a daily slack bot instead. The team HATED it with a passion. And the amount of productivity lost on other teams to a backend engineer blocking a systems designer being blocked by a UX flow etc is insanely large. We have never missed a deadline, hit all our revenue targets, and get much. much larger features done in 2/3rds of the time of the next nearest team. Part of that is because we've made sure to reinforce the concept that we are a single team instead of a group of server engineers, backened engineers, frontend engineers, system designers, [removed to protect identity] designers, econ specialists, UX designers, UI artists, and QA working in their own bubble.

  • Got no time to code
  • I mean it really depends on the team. My role is as much translator as anything else. I have:




    Designers (three different kinds)

    Performance/Econ specialists


    Hearing "Oh I didn't know that, yeah we need to sync" is a common occurrence and on a team of nearly 20 people we never take more than 15mins. We have shared deadlines, shared goals, and work on shared user stories. Having that moment in the morning to go "okay, am I blocking anyone without realising it?" or "I gotta remember to make sure design knows the spreadsheet won't have the thing they were expecting today, it'll be Tuesday instead" is well worth the time.

    On top of that, with WFH it's a really good way to cement the team aspect. I wouldn't care so much if we were in the office, but all being remote means we lose the "human" behind the screen a lot.

    As I said, different teams and different projects need different things, but I'd argue the reason my team is the number one performing in the entire company is, in part, due to this morning time to get that alignment.

  • Got no time to code
  • Depends on the team. My team do daily standup and it helps. A lot. "What are you working on today and do you need any help to get it done" is a super powerful question to make sure we're all focusing on the same priorities and sharing the knowledge we have, especially in a team of mixed disciplines.

  • British people be like
  • It is. The meme has four glottel stops, this has three. The meme has the "el" removed, this doesn't. Weirdly, the meme has the "o" sound removed for for "of" as well.

    It's an entirely fictitious way of pronouncing something, it equates a very, very small subset of the country with "Britain" and is a great example of "fake American British accent" becoming the "norm" to the extent where British voice actors are training to put on voices to sound "more British" (such as Tracer in Overwatch).

    The meme might as well say "burdle der wurder" and claim it's how American's say it - kinda close, but also really far 🤷

  • British people be like
  • THAT'S how Americans think British people pronounce it? I was looking at the image for ages trying to sound it out.

    Please tell me no one seriously thinks this?

    "Worst" case I can think of is "Bo'el o' wa'er" and even that is incredibly limited to like...four boroughs of London.

  • Consumers are so demoralized by inflation and high rates they've given up on saving for the American Dream and are spending money instead, economist says
  • It's not just America though.

    Where I'm from:

    UK average income before tax) £34,963 - £27,911 after tax (assuming NO student loan and NO pension) (for context: a band 3 nurse with 3 years experience makes £24,336 before tax or £20,631.51 after with no pension)

    England average house price: £375,131

    Approx ratio after tax: 13:1

    Minimum deposit: 5% - £18,756.55

    Tax: 0% on first time buyers

    Fees: about £1,000 - £5,000

    Total cost to get going: Approx £21,750 - nearly a years wage.

    Now let's look where I live: Spain!

    Turns out Spain really is a load of countries wearing a hat so getting unified stats is not easy. Let's try Barcelona:

    Average income before tax: €33,837 - €25,470 after tax

    Average house price: €376,399

    Approx ratio after tax: 15:1

    Minimum deposit: 10% - €37,639.90

    Purchase tax: 10% - €37,639.90 (plus 1.5% for new builds)

    Fees: 2 - 5% - 7,527.98 - 18,819.95

    Total cost to get going: €82,807.78 - €94,099.75

    Turns out treating housing as a market to speculate on might just be the problem all along.

  • We have to stop ignoring AI’s hallucination problem
  • "We invented a new kind of calculator. It usually returns the correct value for the mathematics you asked it to evaluate! But sometimes it makes up wrong answers for reasons we don't understand. So if it's important to you that you know the actual answer, you should always use a second, better calculator to check our work."

    Then what is the point of this new calculator?

    Fantastic comment, from the article.

  • Personal Opinion: the Godot course isn't great

    Before the humble bundle came out, I bought the "complete" Godot course - I had a good early bird discount since I've used them for Unity.

    Over the past few years, I have completed the 2D, 3D, and several of the RPG intermediate courses for unity as well as a Blender course so was super excited for this new one!

    And then was super disappointed.

    I start with the 2D course every time and this one was...hollow. Super empty. Maybe a quarter of the content as the Unity course with a lot of basic things missing and some really bad practice promoted. I did the whole course on 1.25x speed and still had to skip through a lot of waffle.

    I'm now doing courses for free on Youtube and have learnt far, far more.

    It really is a shame as I'm a fan of, but they really missed the mark with the Godot offering.

    EDIT: clarity


    Augmented Reality in Godot?

    Hi! I've been making games for a little while, though nothing too fancy - mostly mobile platformers, delivery games, and visual novels. I recently moved from Unity to Godot and finished the "Complete" Godot 2D course on

    I want to challenge myself and have a really strong design for an AR mobile game. I have never programmed an AR app before. I have found dozens of courses/tutorials for Unity, but none for Godot.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I've read the documentation, but would much rather a hands on tutorial or course.


    Is this normal?

    Came but to NMS after about 2 years off. Played a new permadeath game with a friend, no other options changed from normal. But I couldn't last more than a few minutes.

    Had to sprint to ferrus, I had to sprint to sodium, and even then I died about 50% of the time. Three sodium plants got me to maybe 30% hazard protection. My hazard protection was ticking down at 1% per second. Falling from any height (even jetpack softened) meant my jetpack broke.

    And after four attempts, I finally got the ship and recharged to max with a good ten harvested sodium plants before going off on the Hermetic Seal quest. Half way there, the game throws a storm at me. Totally open ground, no shelter at all. And my entire stock of Sodium goes in seconds and then I die.

    My friend's hazard protection was going down a lot slower, even when we were next to each other and his sodium filled him up a lot more (he said about 50 to full, I needed over 100 to full).

    No idea what I did wrong.


    Waiting mode for work

    Recently I feel like I'm working, sleeping, or waiting for work to start. I hate it, I can't figure out how to break this waiting mode. Does anyone have any advise?

    EDIT: That ADHD moment where you see loads of people have given great advice, but there's so much it's overwhelming! Thank you all, I'll try and go through and implement what I can


    Any magazine suggestions?

    I've been diving headfirst into the world of short story magazines and found some absolute gems!!

    Khoreo Magazine has been my absolute favourite so far! I 100% recommend it. Diaspora-focused speculative fiction, usually with very novel story telling techniques and beautiful artwork.

    Clarkesworld I've found to be pretty hit and miss, though the hits make it worth it! Some really great new and established authors with vivid sci-fi stories.

    CRAFT has been great for a more literary and CNF bent.

    Do you subscribe to any creative magazines? If so, which ones? If not, why not?

    No Stupid Questions astreus

    Why do so many posts have "rule" in the title?

    Flicking through the front page and around half of all posts have the world "rule" in the title. What's that about?