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How might I go about either rotating one mirrored display but not the other, or setting up a second display such that the mouse does not move over the edge and must be switched with a hotkey or such?
  • Most games have the ability to capture the mouse to prevent the moving across screens issue you're having

    For the mirroring flipped monitor I would think the easiest way is to get a desk mount with Vesa and rotating to rotate your main monitor 180 degrees while you're drawing

    I don't know of a software solution for this unfortunately.

  • [MH3] Nadu, Winged Wisdom
  • Yes.

    There are a couple cards that do things that are limited to twice per turn or that you can activate with the first of them being vampire bats but something triggering only up to twice per turn hasn't been done yet.

  • Votes over 999 wrap to next line.

    Apparently, if a post has more than 999 upvotes, it will wrap the number to the next line.


    Feature Request: mark scrolled by posts as read.

    Lemmy seems to have the feature to hide read posts which is a wonderful feature. The issue I seem to have is that I'm order to mark a post as read, I need to interact with that post in some fashion. Sometimes, I don't want to and just don't need to.