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The Current State of Affairs
  • Democracy (noun) - a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation, usually involving periodically held free elections.

    Like it or not, the US is a democracy (at least for now—check back in a few years). It’s just a severely flawed one.

    supreme power is vested in the people

    That is, not a monarchy or hereditary system.

    exercised by them directly or indirectly

    We have Senators and Representatives (indirect representation).

    periodically held free elections

    The system is fucked up in many places, but we have regular elections where people are largely free to vote their choice.

    All the downvoters are reading my comment as if I’m some MAGA loon. I’m not. Quite the opposite actually—I believe words have meaning, and perverting those meanings is the domain of the right.

  • Stormy Daniels urges Melania Trump to leave husband Donald now - for two reasons
  • They all got what they deserved, too.

    That’s a little harsh. He allegedly beat and raped Ivana. Many years later, when she died by “falling” down the stairs, he buried her in a pauper’s grave on his golf course so he could get a tax write-off.

  • Why shouldn't I use this motherboard to build a router?

    This Topton-brand mini-ITX motherboard on AliExpress seems like a pretty decent choice for an Opnsense/Pfsense-based home router setup. It has four Intel 2.5gbe ports, an integrated 10W TDP CPU, and way more storage options than necessary for my use case.

    However, I’m leery of just about everything from AliExpress. In this case, I assume security is probably a distant consideration after function and price point.

    Am I being overly paranoid? Are products like this riddled with back doors and other exploitable components? Has anyone else out there built a router using this board?


    Changing permissions for /var/lib/docker

    Is it a bad idea to recursively change the permissions for the /var/lib/docker directory? That directory is owned by root:root and the permissions are rwx--x---.

    I'm hoping to be able to access my named volumes without using sudo so that I can easily back them up.