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micromobility - Ebikes, scooters, longboards: Whatever floats your goat, this is micromobility artificial_unintelligence

my ebike battery isnt charging, any tips to remove the white goo on the leads of these wires?

Hey there, I got an e-bike a while back, and suddenly the battery stopped charging. I thought it was the charger, waited for a replacement charger and then that didn’t fix it. I have a bit of background with electronics so I took the cap off the battery and poked around with a multimeter. I think the issue is the connections of the charging cable, anyone know what this white goo on top of the wires is and how I could remove it?

The battery was under warranty so I’m getting a replacement but I’d hate to throw a mostly good battery in the trash

Where do you go on Lemmy for reliable news and politics?
  • They focus on America, as such have a broadly Western bias. Are they less biased than others? Probably. But you cannot report the news without some form of bias. The act of looking at an event and deciding what facts to include and what to leave out introduces some level of bias. As it is impossible to include every detail of an event, especially in text form, you’ll end up with a biased retelling

  • If you had to redo your self hosting setup, what would you do differently this time around?
  • I would’ve gone with a less powerful nas and got a separate unit for compute. I got a synology nas with a decent amount of compute so I could run all my stuff on the nas, and the proprietary locked down OS drives me a bit nuts. Causes all sorts of issues. If I had a separate compute box I could just be running some flavor of Linux, probably Ubuntu and have things behave much more nicely

  • Anybody using Terraform CDK?

    I use terraform fairly extensively in my role, and saw terraform cdk seems to be a nice extension to terraform. Unfortunately it’s convert feature hasn’t seemed to work for me and I’m hesitant to rewrite everything by hand.

    Has anyone been using cdktf and enjoying it enough that could convince me to do that rewrite?

    My Selfhosted Homepage
  • I’m also dual running Plex and Jellyfin. Ive had a few files I’ve downloaded that Plex won’t play but Jellyfin will. I like plexs UX a smidge better but if more issues like that pop up I’ll be a convert

  • ChatGPT - is using it cheating?
  • I would view ChatGPT as just an extension of stack overflow and Google. At the end of the day you still have to plug it into your broader code base and that’s what makes a good programmer. That and debugging the issues you get after