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I'm posting this photo because 35 years later, people in China and Hong Kong can't.
  • No, i don't need sources on that. I'd like to hear claims on what happened in and around the square... Why it's called a massacre? How many were killed? On which side were those killed? Were the 'sides' as clear cut as we are told? Why were there protests and why did it escalate?

  • I'm posting this photo because 35 years later, people in China and Hong Kong can't.
  • What happened exactly at Tiananmen Square? You have some good sources?

    E: Yeah, i get it. "Look it up! Everyone knows!" I did, and I'd like some sources on the claims everyone thinks that happened. Most media outlets call it massacre but forget to put numbers, reasons and sources in the articles. What do YOU think what happened? What did YOU hear/read? What was the reason for the protest and what was the reason for the escalation?

  • Small modular nuclear reactors get a reality check in new report
  • I never agreed that its outmoded or old tech.

    At Fukushima Daichii died one worker of radiation poisoning and one in a crane incident. The evacuation killed 51 more. Scientific consense is, that the loss of life and cumulative lifetime would have been lower if there was no evacuation.

  • Small modular nuclear reactors get a reality check in new report
  • Yeah, read it. Also the article with the discussion on the death toll. 31 immediate deaths 60 attributable in the following two decades

    The official WHO estimate with 4000 more cancer deaths until 2050 is based on the disputed LNT model. Even UNSCEAR itself says:

    The Scientific Committee does not recommend multiplying very low doses by large numbers of individuals to estimate numbers of radiation-induced health effects within a population exposed to incremental doses at levels equivalent to or lower than natural background levels.

    Dr. Thomas shares that contrary to popular belief there is a scientific consensus that the Chernobyl accident has resulted in the deaths of less than 55 people as a result of radiation.

    The two airship accidents with the most casualties count together 120 dead (USS Akron and Dixmude).

  • G'sudert wird!
  • Dauerhaft Sommerzeit nacht atronomisch keinen Sinn... Winterzeit iat die 'wahre' Zeit bei der die Sonne um 12:00 am Zenit steht. Lieber die Regelarbeitszeiten an diese anpassen.

  • English may be a hot mess but at least we don't have to worry about this nonsense
  • There are some, but many nouns you just have to remember. Diminuitives are neutral, living beings commonly use their biological gender. There are many exeptions, but knowing the origin of them helps (e.g. girl -> das Mädchen is a dimiuitive of maid -> die Maid)

    It helps reading books or watching shows/movies in german to get a feel for the gender of nouns.

  • How perspective feels like
  • It's at the bottom, slightly outside of the frame. If you continue the vertical lines that would be parallel you intersect there (e.g. the slim building in the front). The same way you can reach the points on either side.

  • Former religious lemmings, what made you quit religion or stop being a believer?
  • One big problem with your last paragraph: Baptism and many other rite to join religions happen at a very young age. These children know no world without the belief almost everyone around them practices. It's getting their norm how live is. Leaving gets hard, it means leaving your life behind.

  • Germany: We Need Nuclear Power From France

    The last three remaining German nuclear plants shut down in April could have provided 25% of the country’s needed household energy.

    Germany: We Need Nuclear Power From France

    Complaining nuclear is not economical viable, when they are by themself responsible for it.

    J. Trittin: "It was clear to us that we couldn't just prevent nuclear power by protesting on the street. As a result, we in the governments in Lower Saxony and later in Hesse tried to make nuclear power plants unprofitable by increasing the safety requirements."