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After a particularly annoying update today
  • The solution here isn't to upgrade your PC for Microsoft's sake. The solution is to use an OS that actually respects you and your time. Use Linux, or FreeBSD, or even macOS. Alternatively install Gentoo and spend even more time updating, but with spectacular performance and customizability when you're not updating.

  • blahaj
  • You're still trying to weasel out of being wrong. It's not an archive nor is it compressed. Go read what a Portable Executable is. It's not about being diplomatic or whatever. Just admit you're wrong and go and read about how it actually works. You might learn something.

  • blahaj
  • Bruh an exe is not an archive. Some just happen to contain an archive, not all. As me and the other guy discovered some archive utilities can read them, but what they are doing is closer to a binary analysis tool than unpacking an actual archive. It's not about being nerdy, it's about getting your facts right.

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  • Okay that's actually slightly different from what I was expecting. Does the .text file contain machine code or assembly language by any chance? It seems the archive program can pull out the executable code as well, similar to the binary analysis tools I have worked with.

    .reloc is probably the relocation table used by the OS to load the program into an address space.

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  • Mate I saw the blind leading the blind and had to step in. You could have actually opened some exes on Linux as the other guy suggests. In fact I am surprised you never noticed your system presenting that option. It just isn't actual proof of what they said, even if it appears like it. In fact I am a bit lost how neither of you realized something weird was going on. On what planet would an executable format being a zip file make any sense? Exes actually can include several executable formats.

    There are things like self extracting archives that make this all more confusing. They are basically an archive with an extraction program in the same file. Installer exes work in a similar way too. Not all exes can be extracted since not all of them contain secret hidden archives or extra resources.

    There actually are tools to show you the contents of an executable file, and you could probably learn a lot by using one. They contain more than just a blob of machine code like one might assume. Often they contain data as well, and instructions and information on how to load the executable like what memory layout to use.

    I am annoyed that people upvoted the other guy without double checking as well. Now we have more people walking around spreading misinformation just because of some guy on Lemmy. This is why things like climate change become contentious issues. People come to their own conclusions based on partial information, and since it appears to make sense without proper investigation it gets spread around like wildfire. It's only when you actually know what's going on at a deeper level that it becomes possible to spot the flaws in the reasoning.

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  • You are actually correct. They can contain archived files or resources that can be unpacked with an archive program (including on Linux btw), but they aren't just a zip file. That's why my Linux archive manager (ark I think) offer to open one, but won't execute it. They can see the extra content even if they can't execute the file as intended.

  • blahaj
  • Just because they open in 7-Zip or whatever doesn't mean they are just a zip file. There are several kinds of archives. EXEs are a special case as well. They aren't archives at all. Rather they can contain archives or extra content along with being an executable. One reason is self extracting archives. Here an archive is packaged with an extraction program as an exe all in one. The other case is exes that have extra resources like images, videos, graphics textures, etc. Either way it's an executable plus some extra stuff, not a zip archive. DLLs I am not sure about, but I suspect something similar is happening here.

    Next time you should research stuff before posting it on Lemmy. Things are sometimes more complicated than they appear.

    docx you are correct about though. Specifically it's a zip file that contains XML files and resources.

    Edit: I actually found an article on self extracting archives, it's quite an interesting technology to be fair even if it causes confusion:

  • The graying open source community needs fresh blood
  • Okay I am not going to lie I am pretty lost as to what you are saying here. I read this twice and I am still confused.

    What does working on open source projects have to do with the culture war? Also what do you mean by culture war? Do you believe like some leftists do that it's all a distraction? Or do you think like the right wing do that it's a leftist conspiracy to changes some countries values? Or another third thing I don't know about?

    Who is an American uniparty?

    By new Microsoft do you mean how they have changed with regards to Open Source? I mean they actually release open source software now, and don't fight as much against Linux and other communities. Presumably because they realised they can't fight Linux. Do you think this is a bad thing? They obviously aren't a benevolent force for good, but I personally prefer the new attitude to the old one at least.

  • Sacrilege rule
  • Or you could just buy a CD/DVD player or audio file player and have the same ad-free experience but with modern signal quality and for a fraction of the cost. Heck a saved library on a laptop running some kind of audio player like WinAMP and disconnected from the internet would also give you that experience. Could even use Windows XP or a classic Linux for that nostalgia since it wouldn't be internet connected.

  • The 2010 "phone wars"
  • There have always been other solutions though. Someone here mentioned eclipse as a FOSS solution, but there are others. Even vim and kate have pretty good language comprehension thanks to working with language servers. Likewise products like JetBrains while they can be expensive are very good pieces of software. I actually don't even use VSCode that often anymore thanks to Kate and the JetBrains suite. VSCode itself is open source and you can use one of the pure open source builds, or any of the other programmers text editors that exist.

  • Qualcomm spends millions on marketing as it is found better battery life, not AI features, is driving Copilot+ PC sales
  • The 8cx Gen 3 was only released like one or two years ago, and is fast enough for day to day use. Sure the new ones are a fair bit faster, but the old ones were more than fast enough for web browsing, light programming, and running emulators. Heck they are also fast enough for server use if you need a power efficient cheap home server. They did make a couple desktop versions after all.

  • Wait, not like that
  • There are currently no production heat pumps using the electrocaloric effect to my knowledge. Stirling engine I doubt as well. Either way still classes as refrigeration. In fact a Stirling engine heat pump/refrigerator would still need refrigerant as it needs a working fluid.

    Edit: also pretty sure a Stirling engine is an implementation of a carnot engine

  • Does it make sense to get an ADHD diagnosis if I already have an ASD diagnosis?

    First off I am in England in the UK, so that's the medical system I would probably be using.

    I've had significant issues with executive function throughout my life, but especially in the last two years of my integrated masters degree. This includes organization, as well as staying focused. I've had issues with losing things, multitasking, procrastinating, racing thoughts, and other issues in the other areas of life as well. I am thinking of going back to do a PhD or starting my first full time job, and am worried that I will really struggle this time.

    I got a diagnosis of Asperger's before you could officially have a dual diagnosis under the DSM. So even though some of initial paperwork said I had significant evidence of ADHD, I couldn't actually be diagnosed with both so I guess Asperger's took precedence. This all happened when I was like 4 or 5 years old.

    I am thinking medications or maybe therapy might be helpful, but I don't know if I need the second diagnosis to get those. From what I understand the NHS (UK public health system) has long wait times, and going private might be expensive. Additionally going to a psychologist, and talking about stuff with my family seems scary.

    Additionally I have issues with sleeping and waking that probably won't help get all of this organized, and I probably need to get this addressed too. I understand that both ASD and ADHD can cause sleep issues, so maybe getting treatment for those would help.

    Sorry for the long post. I hope this is also the right community for this as I wasn't sure where to post this.

    Edit: I also have hyperfixation/hyperfocus/special interests out the waazoo, but I didn't know if this was relevant as that's also a part of having autism.


    Play HDR movie on Linux

    I am looking for a way to play HDR content on Linux. From what I understand KDE 6 has experimental support for HDR, but isn't available on Pop OS 22.04. Apparently Cosmic desktop will support HDR when it's released, but I don't know if the experimental version will.

    Can anybody help me here? Will I need to change distro?


    Switching distro without loosing data in /home

    Is there a way to move distro without loosing data in /home? I am currently running Pop OS and want to move to Nix OS while keeping the data. Normally I could use an external hard drive or my server, but most of my equipment is in storage at the moment. Current partition setup is using LUKS and LVM with ext4. I am guessing there is a way to manipulate the LVM to make it work by adding another partition and installing into it.

    I know this is probably a convoluted idea. I am trying to avoid spending money an another external drive.


    What to do about Office?

    I am finding it difficult to fill in forms made with MS Word in LibreOffice. The formatting seems to end up all wrong among other things, and LibreOffice feels slow and clunky to use.

    I've tried OnlyOffice, but it tends to crash and be slow as well.

    At this moment in time I am trying to get MS Office 2010. Is there a better solution?


    Broken home configuration in NixOS

    How do I fix my home dir with nix? It seems I have messed something up and now I can't install home manager. Anytime I try to install a package with nix-env it gives this error too:

    error: this derivation has bad 'meta.outputsToInstall'


    How to sync local and remote calibre servers

    I have a calibre server setup on my home server and was wondering how to sync it to the version on my desktop so I can upload books to an ereader using USB.


    Best way to do aria2 on Proxmox

    Trying to figure out how to setup an aria2 server. It seems to rely on XDG dirs which isn't normally setup on LXC containers. I don't want to setup a whole GUI VM just for one application.


    Should I use authentik with or without nginx proxy manager?

    I am a bit lost as to how you use authentik to do single sign on.

    I can connect things that have external access quite easily using the reverse proxy provider that's built into authentik. I am struggling with how I would connect things that are on a docker network and can't be accessed directly. Normally with nginx proxy manager I would put it on the same network, but I don't think this is correct for authentik. Am I supposed to create a docker outpost?

    Other people are using authentik + nginx proxy manager and I am a bit lost why they are doing that.


    Working around lack of router settings

    I am currently living with my parents and we have just started an Internet contract with a 5G wireless company.

    The issue is the MFND settings are behind a password and likely not allowed access by the ISP. Even if they weren't doing port forwarding on 5G likely isn't possible because of CGNAT. I think I can use cloudflare tunnels or tailscale to get around this, and not many things need to be directly accessible from the Internet.

    The more annoying thing is that setting DHCP reservations likely isn't possible without getting access to the settings. It's going to make setting up static IPs difficult too.

    Before anyone asks fixed line Internet almost certainly isn't practical in this area. Getting our own modem while possible is more expensive and potentially difficult, and would mean cancelling the contract.

    Is there a reasonable way to work around these issues?

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.


    Jellyfin on FreeBSD

    I am having issues with Jellyfin not finding ffmpeg on FreeBSD. Is there any solution to this?


    I am lost on chemical stabilisation

    I have been struggling to stabilise things in my last few brewing attempts. I had been using a combination stabiliser (sorbate and sulfite) from the department store Boyes. It doesn't seem to work.

    I know have sorbate powder and I already had campden tablets. I am wondering how you dose them correctly. From what I understand it's dependant on the ABV and the pH. Is there an easy way to calculate this? I take it there is no easy and cheap way to do a free SO2 test.

    I am begging to think buying a sous vide and doing pasteurization is easier and more reliable at this point.


    Proxmox + nvidia without subscription

    I've setup proxmox, and switched to the community repos.

    The issue is the kernel it's now running doesn't have a headers package in said community repos. This means I can't install nvidia drivers properly. I can only install older kernel versions and headers. I tired removing the newer kernel and it tried to remove proxmox-ve meta package.

    Do I need to remove proxmox-ve package and install community version or like what?


    K50/K50 Pro and

    Chinese ROMs come without support for many languages. Even when using English there are still things which are in Chinese.

    The people selling the devices on AliExpress are selling then with a "global rom". The issue here is that the rom doesn't exist officially. So no updates are available and you don't know what's actually inside it. provide a modified version of the Chinese rom with language support and some other things. The issue is they charge for this through patreon for any mediatek devices. You have to keep paying if you want security updates. This is immoral and probably illegal as they don't own MIUI or Android and copyleft is designed to prevent this kind of thing.

    To add insult to injury they started offering some mediatek roms for free. When people stopped paying the patreon they removed them from the download sites.

    Shame on them and shame on the AliExpress sellers. If anyone knows a good course on building android roms and reverse engineering them let me know. Maybe I can fix this situation.


    Looking for a modern, usable Linux OS preferably immutable

    I have been trying some of the immutable linux OSes because from what I understand they are more modern and feature better security and reliability. What I have found so far is shocking. Half of these don’t support my laptop (probably because it’s nvidia optimus). Some I tried like guix were very difficult to install, configure, and use with sprase documentation. Good luck trying to use KDE, wayland, or pipewire for example. BlendOS was notably better and could at least run on my laptop but chocked with nvidia driver issues.

    I have switched to pop os on my laptop for now but looking at alternatives and what to install on my desktop.


    Looking for a modern, usable Linux OS preferably immutable

    I have been trying some of the immutable linux OSes because from what I understand they are more modern and feature better security and reliability. What I have found so far is shocking. Half of these don't support my laptop (probably because it's nvidia optimus). Some I tried like guix were very difficult to install, configure, and use with sprase documentation. Good luck trying to use KDE, wayland, or pipewire for example. BlendOS was notably better and could at least run on my laptop but chocked with nvidia driver issues.

    I have switched to pop os on my laptop for now but looking at alternatives and what to install on my desktop.


    Two yeast mead

    Was running out of Kveik yeast (my last brewing yeast), and too impatient to wait for more to arrive so decided to co-pitch the one gram I had left with some sourdough starter.

    What does anybody think will happen?

    The starter has worked well at fermenting strawberry wine in the past, but it was looking a lot less healthy this time.

    Honestly this was an impulse decision to do this but I will be interested to see what happens. Maybe it will sour? That would be exciting.